What is Unit Trust?

A unit trust is a pool of money managed collectively by professional fund managers.

Through buying units into the trust, your money will be pooled with that of other investors and invested according to the unit trust’s objectives. Maybank offers you a wide range of Unit Trust funds that invest in various asset classes:

  • Money Market
  • Fixed Incomes
  • Property
  • Equities/Shares/Stocks
  • Commodities (ie. Precious Metal, Iron, Ore & etc)

For example, if you invest in an Asia Equity fund, the fund manager will invest your money by tapping into equities investment opportunities within Asia.
Benefits of Unit Trust Investment

  • Professional management by reputable fund manager
  • Diversification for your investment portfolio
  • Tap into faraway markets 
  • Economies of scale

Ways to Invest

Lump sum Investment

Make a one-time investment on a fund and take immediate advantage of the underlying market.

Regular Saving Plan (RSP) Investment

Make regular investments from as low as RM100* a month and even out market risks in the long run.

*Varies with different funds

  • Affordability

    Low initial investment of RM1,000

  • Flexibility

    Stop an investment plan without penalty charges

  • Control

    Decide how much you want to invest each month

  • Convenience

    Monthly investment sum will be deducted automatically

Maybank2u Online Unit Trust Services

You can now open Unit Trust Investment Account and manage your Unit Trust investment immediately anywhere, anytime from the comfort of your home, office or while you're on the go via Maybank2u.

Click here for more details on Maybank2u Online Unit Trust Services.

Customers are advised to read and understand the relevant unit trust fund(s) contents of prospectus before investing. Among others, customers should consider the fees and charges involved. The price of units and distribution payable, if any, may go up or down. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Unit Trust products are not insured by PIDM.

3rd Party Unit Trust

Amanah Mutual Berhad

AMB Dana Aqeel (Capital Protected) – Series 2
AMB Balanced Trust Fund
AMB Dana Arif
AMB Dana Ikhlas
AMB Dana Nabeel
AMB Dana Yakin
AMB Dividend Trust Fund
AMB Enhanced Bond Trust Fund

AMB Ethical Trust Fund
AMB Income Trust Fund
AMB Index-Linked Trust Fund
AMB Lifestyle Trust Fund 2014
AMB Lifestyle Trust Fund Today
AMB SmallCap Trust Fund
AMB Unit Trust Fund
AMB Value Trust Fund
AMB Shariah Value Plus Fund
PNB Structured Investment Fund

AmInvestment Services Berhad

AmConstant Select
AmPrecious Metals
AmIncome Plus
AmIslamic Greater China Fund
AmGlobal Agribusiness
AmDynamic Bond
AmConstant Multi Maturity 2
AmAsia Pacific REITs
AmAsia Pacific Leisure Dividend
AmTactical Bond
AmIncome Flexi 3
AmDynamic Allocator
AmAsia Pacific Ex Japan Total Return
AmSchroder European Equity Alpha
AmIncome Regular 2

AFFIN Fund Management Berhad

AFFIN Select Growth Fund

Alliance Investment Management Berhad

Alliance Islamic Money Market Fund
Alliance Regular Income Fund 2
Alliance Regular Income Fund 3
Alliance Regular Income Fund 4

HLG Unit Trust Berhad

HLG Asia Pacific Dividend Fund 
HLG Global Bond Fund 
HLG Global Resources Income Fund 
HLG Global Value Fund 
HLG Islamic Income Management Fund 
HLG Strategic Fund 

Kenanga Investors Berhad

Kenanga Global Opportunities

Affin Hwang Asset Management

Hwang Aiiman Income Plus 
Hwang Aiiman Growth Fund 
Hwang China Select Fund
Hwang Global Financial Institutions Fund 
Hwang Asia Pacific (ex Japan) REITs and Infrastructure Fund 
Hwang Select Asia (ex Japan) Opportunities Fund 
Hwang Select Balanced Fund 
Hwang Select Bond Fund 
Hwang Select Dividend Fund
Hwang Select Income Fund
Hwang Select Opportunity Fund
Hwang Tactical Opportunity Capital Protected Fund
Hwang Select Asia (Ex Japan) Quantum Fund

Hwang Select Japan Quantum Fund
Hwang US Access 80 Fund
Hwang Enhanced Deposit Fund
Hwang Fixed Maturity Income Fund IV
Hwang Structured Income Fund V
Hwang Structured Income Fund VI
Hwang AUD Income Fund
Hwang AUD Income Fund [MYR]
Hwang SGD Income Fund
Hwang SGD Income Fund [MYR]
Hwang Fixed Maturity Income Fund VI
Hwang Fixed Maturity Income Fund VIII
Hwang Fixed Maturity Income Fund XI

Hwang ASEAN Flexi Fund
Affin Hwang Fixed Maturity Income Fund XIV
Affin Hwang Dividend Value Fund

Manulife Unit Trusts Berhad

Manulife Bond Plus Fund

Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd

(formerly known as Mayban Investment Management Sdn Bhd)

Q Target Return Fund
Q Opportunities Fund
Q Income Fund
Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera
Maybank Global Bond Fund
Maybank Constant Income Fund 1
Maybank Constant Income Fund 2
Maybank Financial Institutions Income Asia Fund
Maybank BOSERA Greater China ASEAN Equity I Fund Class A (MYR), Class B (USD) & Class C (USD)
Maybank Malaysia Equity-I Fund
Maybank Global Sukuk Fund

Maybank Malaysia Sukuk Fund
Maybank AsiaPac Ex-Japan Equity-I Fund
Maybank Bluewaterz Total Return Fund
Maybank Income Plus Fund 1
Maybank Constant Income Fund 3

RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd

(*Remarks: All sales subscription will be suspended effective 1 December 2013 till further notice)

RHB Agriculture Fund
RHB Asean Fund 
RHB Asia Consumer Fund  
RHB Asian Real Estate Fund
RHB Big Cap China Enterprise Fund 
RHB Energy Fund 
RHB Equity Trust Fund
RHB Focus Bond Fund-Series 5

RHB Kidsave Fund
RHB Malaysia Dividend Fund
RHB Money Market Fund
RHB Multi-Asset Recovery Strategy Fund
RHB Resources Fund
RHB Smart Balance Fund
RHB Smart Income Fund
RHB Smart Treasure Fund
RHB US Focus Equity Fund
RHB Global Food Islamic Equity Fund
RHB Emerging Markets Bond Fund
RHB Global Allocation Fund

PHEIM Unit Trusts Berhad

PHEIM Dana Makmur 
PHEIM Emerging Co Balanced Fund 
PHEIM Income Fund 

Eastspring Investments Berhad

Eastspring Inv Asia Select Income Fund 
Eastspring Inv Equity Fund 
Eastspring Inv Global Basic Fund 
Eastspring Inv Dana Al Ilham 
Eastspring Inv Dana Wafi 
Eastspring Inv Equity Income Fund 
Eastspring Inv Target Income Fund 
Eastspring Inv Target Income Fund 2
Eastspring Inv Target Income Fund 3
Eastspring Inv Target Income Fund 4

TA Investment Management Berhad

TA All Cycle Commodities Income Fund 
TA BRIC and Emerging Markets Fund
TA Dana Focus 
TA Growth Fund 
TA Income Fund 
TA Select Titans In Asia Capital Protected Fund 
TA South East Asia Equity
TA Global Technology Fund
TA Asian Dividend Income Fund
TA Islamic Fund
TA Cash Plus Fund
TA Total Return Fixed Income Fund
TA European Equity Fund

UOB Asset Management (Malaysia) Berhad

United Bond & Equity Strategic Trust
United Target Income Bond Fund 2
United Asian High Yield Fund

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