is proud to welcome Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan (BPP), Perbendaharaan Malaysia, as our latest payee on board!

Now you can make your government housing loan payments via M2U. There are 6 payment options available online:

  • BPP - Ansuran/Tunggakan
  • BPP - Wang Beza
  • BPP - Penyelesaian Penuh
  • BPP - Penyelesaian Sebahagian
  • BPP- Insurans Tambahan MRTA
  • BPP - Insurans Tambahan Api

M2U users can make one-off open BPP payments or frequent payments by registering BPP as a favorite payee in your M2U account.

This service is open to all Government Servants who are servicing loans from BPP.

* Please note that there is a RM0.50 fee by BPP for each transaction.