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Takaful Alif

A Shariah-compliant savings plan for a child's higher education

Takaful Amal

A Shariah-compliant plan that helps the needy and covers the insured against death and total and permanent disability (TPD)

Takaful Insan

A protection plan that provides the insured's beneficiaries with a fixed and regular monthly income for 10 years in the event of death, or to the insured in the event of total permanent disability (TPD)

Takaful PA Plus

A Shariah-compliant product that covers against personal accidents

Takaful Privilege PA

A Shariah-compliant product that covers against personal accidents

Tamwil Cash Line Facility-i

An Islamic loan for working capital requirements/personal consumption/purchase of assets or properties based on Bai' Bithaman Ajil or Deferred Payment Sale

Term loan

A form of financing whereby the loan (principal and interest) is repaid in regular instalments over its tenure. Interest is usually calculated monthly based on the amount outstanding

Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC)

A unique, 6-digit security code that is compulsory for certain online transactions. The TAC is computer-generated and is valid for only two hours once it has been activated

Traveller's cheques

A safer, alternative way to carry money abroad. Available for purchase from any Maybank branch


A rewards programme where customers earn points for using Maybank credit cards and/or using Maybank's payment services. Points are exchangeable for rewards

Trust Receipt (TR)

A financing facility that enables a customer to take delivery of their local/foreign purchases prior to payment of the sight bills being made by them. Trust Receipts are usually extended to bills drawn under the Bank's Letter of Credit


Refers to commissions or fees charged for services.