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M2U Mobile

Mobile banking using your mobile phone. The service allows you to check your account balance, pay bills and transfer money from wherever you are. The difference between this and Mobile Financial Services is that this does not offer prepaid reloads

Malaysia Airlines Electronic Ticketing (MASET)

A facility provided to Maybank debit and credit cardholders to pay their Malaysia Airlines (MAS) domestic air tickets at more than 1,000 Kawanku ATMs nationwide

Maybank Autocredit

An electronic payment system for crediting employees' salaries, paying suppliers/panel of doctors or any other third parties, paying gratuity, overtime, commissions, bonuses, rebates, claims (medical/travelling, etc) and business transactions

Maybank AutoDebit

A facility that enables automatic bill payment by automatically debiting a specific sum from the holder's account to the payee corporation

Maybank China Remittance Service

The sending of money, cheques, etc to/from China via Maybank

Maybank MaxiHome

A home loan with one of the lowest interest rates, a higher loan margin and other benefits

Maybank MaxiHome-i

A home loan with Variable Rate Financing (VRF), using the concept of Bai' Bithaman Ajil (BBA)

Maybank Premier 1 Account

A high-interest savings account with the flexibility of a personal checking account

Maybank Premier Club Account

A high-interest savings account with the functionality of a personal checking account, which also includes free insurance coverage, bonuses on investments, credit card perks, easy access to banking services and much more in one special package

Maybank RegionLink

A centralised integrated system that links up Maybank Malaysia with other Maybank branches located in Philippines, Singapore or Brunei. This allows you to perform banking transactions via ATM as well as over-the-counter transactions in those countries, as though you were banking in Malaysia

Maybank SonyCard VISA

A co-branded credit card that offers special Sony and entertainment-related benefits

Maybank VISA Wave

A VISA credit card embedded with a contactless chip that enables you to pay for purchases up to RM150 at participating merchants just by waving your card

Maybank2u.com Internet Kiosk

An Internet terminal that complements the e-Kawanku Self-Service Terminals (SSTs) currently available at Maybank branches, allowing customers to conduct their M2U Internet banking transactions here

Maybank2u.com Merchant Programme

A programme for merchants to register as a payee corporation to sell their products and services and collect payments from customers online via Maybank2u.com and/or at their website (Payment link/Debit Engine)

Maybankard Bankcard (ATM)

A chip-based card that adopts smart technology and offers multi-purpose applications including ATM transactions, e-Debit (e-Pos) and MEPS Cash (e-Purse)

Maybankard FLEX

A credit card with no annual fee. Its monthly service fee will be waived if the cardholder fulfils a certain number of transactions and requirements a month

Maybankard Touch 'n Go Zing

An auto-reload Touch 'n Go Zing card that is exclusively linked to a Maybankard credit card

Maybankard.net Merchant Programme

A programme for merchants to register as an e-Commerce merchant to sell their products and services and collect payments from customers online via Maybank e-Commerce Credit Card Facility. Merchants will enjoy secure online payments by Visa and MasterCard services at their website (Merchant's Portal)


A share investing facility which allows you to purchase shares that are quoted on the Bursa Malaysia either by using your own funds or through a Share Margin Financing scheme


An alternative Share Trading/Financing package from Maybank that is based on the principle of Murabahah


A medical rider that can be attached to selected Maybank Ordinary Life plans

MEPS Interbank Funds Transfer (IBFT)

A funds transfer facility which allows Maybankard Bankard (ATM) cardholders to transfer funds from one account to another account maintained with a participating MEPS member bank and vice versa


A secure and convenient way to transfer money to friends and family, and pay for products and services using your mobile phone

Mobile Financial Services

A service that allows a number of banking transactions to be conducted through your mobile phone: access your bank account, pay bills, top up prepaid accounts for yourself and 5 others, check account balances and view your transaction history

MoneyGram Money Transfer

A person-to-person money transfer service that enables you to send/receive money. Money can be transferred immediately and is usually ready for pick up by the receiver in 10 minutes

Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA)

A reducing term life assurance specially designed to protect a loan borrower against death or TPD (total permanent disability) due to natural or accidental causes

Mortgage Takaful

A reducing term Takaful plan providing protection for participants (customers) who opt for Bai' Bithaman Ajil (BBA). It is packaged with the BBA scheme to provide House Financing with financial protection to settle the financing in the event of unexpected and sudden loss of life or disability due to natural or accidental causes


An agreement made between 2 parties; one provides the capital (financier) and the other (the Mudarib) provides the management. The profit-sharing ratio is agreed upon beforehand. Capital losses are borne solely by the financier. In the case of Maybank's deposit products, it refers to a profit-sharing agreement between the Bank (Mudarib) and the depositors (financier) for the Bank to invest depositors' funds to generate profits

Mudharabah Investment Account

Profit-sharing investment accounts based on the concept of Mudharabah


A sale and purchase contract, with a deferred payment element. The contract of sale may take place when a buyer who wishes to purchase assets requests that the Bank purchase assets at cost (purchase price). In return, the Bank will charge the buyer an agreed profit margin which is incorporated into the selling price. The selling price is subsequently payable on a deferred single payment

Murabahah Cash Line Facility-i

An Islamic loan for working capital requirements/personal consumption/purchase of assets or properties based on Murabahah

Murabahah Trust Receipt-i

A Shariah-compliant facility that finances domestic or international trade documents drawn against Murabahah Letter of Credit/Wakalah Inward Bills for Collection

Murabahah/Wakalah Letter of Credit-i

A Shariah-compliant facility that undertakes to pay the seller/exporter for the importation of goods


An Islamic financing technique that refers to a partnership between two parties, where both provide capital towards the financing project. Both parties share profits on a pre-agreed ratio, but losses are shared on the basis of equity participation. In other words, it is a joint-venture profit-sharing contract between the Bank and the initiators of the relevant project. All parties including the Bank have the right to participate in the management of the project

Musyarakah Mutanaqisah

The customer and the bank enter into a partnership relationship by forming a joint venture to raise the capital to acquire a property. The customer and the Bank become joint owners of the property and each will have its respective shares based on the ratio equivalent to the capital contribution. The bank leases it share to the customer and by making monthly payments over an agreed period of time, the customer will gradually acquire the bank's ownership. Gradually, the bank's share diminishes and the customer owns the property 100%


A financial portal for teenagers aged 12 to 18 that contains basic banking privileges, educational info and exclusive financial and lifestyle products and services