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Sukuk Prihatin

Sukuk Prihatin

Bersama Memacu Masa Depan Negara



Sukuk Prihatin is a Sukuk issued by the Government of Malaysia which is offered to both retail and corporate investors. Themed ‘#KitaUntukKita’, the Sukuk Prihatin will carry nationalistic and patriotic elements to rally fellow Malaysians to participate in rebuilding the economy and the nation  while enduring the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.





  • A Malaysian who is at least 18 years old at the closing date of the offering; or
  • A corporation/ institution incorporated in Malaysia (including the financial institutions and institutional investors); or
  • A trustee, cooperative, foundation, sole proprietorship, partnership, association or other incorporated bodies operating in Malaysia.

Offer Period

The Sukuk Prihatin will be offered from 18th August to 7th September 2020.

Proceeds Utilisation

Proceeds from the Sukuk Prihatin will be channelled to the Kumpulan Wang COVID-19/ the COVID-19 Fund to finance measures to address the Covid-19 economic crisis and recovery plan, including initiatives announced in the economic stimulus packages and recovery plan.


The Sukuk Prihatin will have a tenure of 2 years. The profit rate will be fixed throughout the tenure of the Sukuk Prihatin.

Profit Rate and Payment

The profit rate for the Sukuk Prihatin is 2% p.a.

The profit payments will be paid on quarterly basis.

Tax incentives

  • For any Sukukholder who waive its rights to receive the Principal amount, the amount waived will be tax deductible for tax filing purposes. A tax voucher will be issued by the Government on the said amount waived at maturity and recognized as ‘Government approved’ donation.
  • All profit from the Sukuk Prihatin will be tax exempted for retail and selected corporate investors only.

Option to Waive the Principle

This feature is unique to the Sukuk Prihatin as it provides the avenue for the holders of the Sukuk Prihatin to waive their principal amount into an approved ‘government donation fund’ at maturity.

Subscription Limit

Minimum subscription for the first Sukuk Prihatin is RM500 in multiples of RM100. Subsequence applications will be in multiples of RM100.

No maximum limit for subscription amount per investor.


Sukuk Prihatin is offered only on digital platforms via JomPAY and DuitNow. The subscription can be made through internet banking services by the Distribution Banks.

The Sukuk Prihatin is not offered over the counter or at the ATM.

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