Maybank-Bakong Transfer

Send money to Cambodia instantly with no agent bank fees.

Introducing Maybank-Bakong Transfer

Send money to any Bakong Wallet Account beneficiary in Cambodia instantly via the MAE app with no agent bank fees.

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Enjoy these benefits

  • Instant Transfer so your beneficiary will receive the funds instantly
  • Service Fee of RM10
  • No agent bank fee involved*
  • Transfer Full Amount with no deduction from what your beneficiary receives

*Agent bank fee is a fee charged by the receiving agent/bank to receive a transfer. This is usually deducted from the total payable to the beneficiary. This fee will not be applicable for Maybank-Bakong Transfer

How to Make A Maybank-Bakong Transfer

  1. Log in to your MAE app by Maybank2u App.
  2. Tap ‘Transfer’ and choose ‘Overseas’.
  3. Select ‘Bakongthen follow the steps to fill up the required details.
  4. Confirm your details and tap ‘Transfer Now’.
  5. Approve your transaction via Secure2u and you're done!

Daily Transfer Limit

RM10,000 (part of the Foreign Telegraphic Transfer limit of RM49,999)

Important Information

  • You may only send money in US currency (USD)
  • You may only select Current Account / Savings Account as source of funds. 
  • This service is not available for Master Foreign Currency Account (MFCA)
  • This service is available on the MAE app
  • Maybank-Bakong Transfer is available from 10am-6pm on weekdays (excluding public holidays and Federal Territory State holidays)

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