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Earn chances to win up to RM1,000 in daily cash prizes!

Daily Cash Prizes

MAE-ssive Cash Prizes

Be in the running to win a grand prize in our Lucky Draw!

Proton X70

(1 winner)

Samsung Smart TV

(3 winners)

Macbook Air

(2 winners)

Samsung Galaxy S21

(3 winners)

Scan & Pay a minimum of RM15 for a chance to win a monthly prize!

Proton X50

(1 winner each month)

Honda RS150R

(2 winners each month)

Samsung Galaxy S21

(3 winners for October)

Macbook Air

(6 winners for November)

Samsung Smart TV

(6 winners for December)

The more you transact, the more chances you get to play TAPtastic!

Perform eligible transactions on the MAE app.

Tap on a balloon to reveal a prize.

Win up to RM1,000 in cash prizes!

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Scan & Pay and stand to win even more prizes

Spend a minimum of RM15 at over 250,000 participating merchants nationwide for a chance to win a Proton X50, Honda RS150R, gadgets and more every month.

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Enjoy 3 FREE chances to win a Proton X70 and more this Christmas!

We’re gifting you with 3 FREE chances to play TAPtastic for the most wonderful time of year.

Claim your chances by launching the MAE app and tapping into TAPtastic every day on these dates!

24 December 2021: 1 Chance
25 December 2021: 1 Chance
26 December 2021: 1 Chance

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Spread joy during this season of giving to those in need. Your kindness will go a long way in helping them to rebuild their lives.

Donate a minimum amount of RM30 for a chance to play TAPtastic.

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There’s more prizes to be won! Check out our social pages at @Maybank, and @mymaybank to participate.

Be one of our lucky winners of a Huawei Nova 9, RM50 in cash or up to RM100 in Lays and Quaker products!

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