LHDN Payment

Pay your Income Tax, Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) and Monthly Tax Deduction online

Steps to perform LHDN payment via Maybank2u

After your income or property tax returns have been completed and sent off by mail or e-filing, you can make your payment online via Maybank2u by following this step-by-step guide:

  • Login to Maybank2u
  • Select “Pay & Transfer
  • Select “Pay
  • Select “From To: Preferred Account” and “Pay To: Payee
  • Select “New Payment” and search “Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)
  • Enter your Income Tax File number excluding alphabets and click “Confirm” to proceed to next screen
  • Select “Payment Code”, “Assessment Year” and key in “Amount” and click “Pay
  • Verify transaction details and click “Request
  • Key in TAC number and click Confirm

Kindly take note that the deadline for Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) is on the 31st August 2021.

Please note:

  • All successful transactions for LHDN Payment via Maybank2u are non-refundable. Please contact your LHDN tax centre for enquiries or assistance.

Steps to perform LHDN payments at Maybank ATMs

  • Insert Maybank ATM card and Key in PIN
  • Select “Paybills”
  • Select “LHDNM”
  • Select “SG/OG File”
  • Key in LHDNM Reference Number (do not include SG/OG when keying in reference number)
  • Select Payment Code
  • Key in Amount to be Paid
  • Select Account to be debited from
  • Key in Assessment Year
  • Key in Instalment Number (Select “Yes” if Instalment Number is not available)

Steps to perform LHDN payment with Maybank Credit Cards

You can now pay for your income tax payment at with your Maybank Credit Card or via 0% EzyPay Instalment Plan.

An administrative charge applies should you opt using your Credit Card as a form of payment, and the EzyPay facility is subjected to a minimum amount of RM1,000 up to a maximum amount of RM500,000. Please find below table on the administrative charge:

Payment form Administrative Charge
Full payment (one time charge) 0.80%
EzyPay 6 months 1.25%
EzyPay 12 months 2.05%


  • Pay your tax from any location. Tax payment for all states in Malaysia under 3 centres, i.e. LHDN Semenanjung, LHDN Sabah and LHDN Sarawak
  • Choose your favourite payment channel– Maybank2u, Kawanku ATMs, Kawanku Phone Banking and over the counter or pay your income tax at LHDN dedicated webpage with Maybank Credit Card or via EzyPay Instalment Plan.
  • Allows tax payments for yourself and any third party
  • No limit to the number of tax accounts which you can pay online
  • Pay at your convenience.