MyM2U Challenge

MyM2U Challenge is back with tonnes of prize giveaways! We’ve added a new SPIN on the Maybank App. Keep transacting on the NEW Maybank2u web and Maybank app to accummulate points and boost yourselves to higher levels to earn even greater prizes.

Campaign period: 3 November - 28 February 2019

How To Play

Perform a variation of transactions on the Maybank2u website and Maybank app to accumulate points and boost yourselves to different levels!

Once you’ve reached a new level, you will unlock a SPIN on the Maybank App. Launch the app and spin your way to an assortment of amazing prizes.

You will also receive BONUS spins from time to time. Be sure to watch out for those Bonus spins so that you can earn extra points to reach the next level.

Chinese New Year CASH Prizes from 5 to 7 Februay 2019!

Cash Value



RM20 150
RM50 35
RM100 15

Christmas & New Year Surprises!



27th December 2018

DOUBLE up your joy: Earn 2X points for all eligible transactions made

28th December 2018

THREE times the fun : Earn 3X points for all eligible transactions made

29th December 2018

More points FOUR you: Earn 4X points for all eligible transactions made

30th December 2018

Give us a high-FIVE : Earn 5X points for all eligible transactions made

31st December 2018

SIX for the Eve: Earn 6X points for all eligible transactions made

1st January 2019

A TEN for 2019 : Earn 10 Bonus Points by simply launching MyM2U Challenge on the Maybank App!



MyM2U Challenge Point system:

Beginner: 0-49 points

Bronze: 50 points

Silver: 150 points

Gold: 300 points

Type of Transactions and Points

Eligible Participants are required to perform transactions via the Contest Platforms with a minimum spend of RM30 per transaction.

No  Type of transactions  Points
1  Overseas Fund Transfer 5
2  Bill Payments*
3  Prepaid Reload* 4
4  Game Credit Reload 4
5  JomPAY 3
6  Secure2u Registration
7  DuitNow Registration
8  Interbank GIRO
9  Interbank Transfer
10  DuitNow Transfer
11  Authorised Transaction with Secure2U 1
12  Use QRPay 1
13  e-Festive Mobile Transfer 1
14  e-Feative P2P QR 1

Winners list

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