Rebuild our businesses, one at a time.

It’s been a while since smiles filled our local businesses.
Jom beli lokal and help them service with a smile again.

Since 1960, Maybank has helped Malaysians through every crisis. This pandemic is no different. With Malaysian businesses struggling, we had to do something.

Sama-Sama Lokal is a zero-commission platform that allows local businesses to set up their stores online. It offers third-party delivery assistance and real-time updates at zero fees! But it is only as powerful as the people who buy from it—people like you. Every purchase could help a local business survive another day. So let’s join our hands together and give them one thousand million smiles.

We've recently upgraded Sama-Sama Lokal to improve your experience. It is now available exclusively on the M2U MY app. Learn more about the upgrade here.

Let’s put back on their faces

Make a difference and rebuild our nation with a click

Exchange smiles with your favourite hawkers and stalls. They keep 100% of the profits when you buy your favourite food and products.
Double smiles for you and local brands when you redeem your TreatsPoints or Membership Rewards Points for gadgets, appliances, and more.
Buy selected Proton and Perodua models to enjoy financing rates as low as 2.00% p.a.
More ways to spread smiles coming soon

Behind the

Since going digital, our business has improved by 50% and the shop serves nearly 150 more customers every week. This system provides an additional income stream and allows us to be seen by a wider group of new customers. Thank you so much for shopping local and helping Malaysian businesses like mine.

– Karthik,
Restoran Citra Maju

Behind the

When MCO hit, sales dropped to an all-time low. We also had to switch to being a home-based business. We tried promoting ourselves on social media and handling deliveries ourselves but faced difficulties. Then Sama-Sama Lokal came into the picture. With the STAYHOMELOKALS 2.0 campaign, our business skyrocketed. It also saved me a lot of time as subsidised deliveries were provided — making our customers happier.

– Ms Vivian,
Sour & Spicy Home Taste

Behind the

When the pandemic hit, wet markets were severely affected. There was less foot traffic and the public was afraid to head out to get their groceries. I’m grateful for Sama-Sama Lokal. The support offered brought in many new customers, even from outside my usual business area (Taman Megah).

– Chan Chee Keong,
H&K Seafood

Behind the

Sama-Sama Lokal helped my traditional Nyonya kuih business thrive. Up to the point that I can now even afford to help others. My business has donated to orphanages, Selangor home for mentally unsound, and men and women's homes.

– Daniel Quek,
Baba Beng

Numbers that Will
Put a On Your Face

10,000 local businesses reached
13,000 delivery riders supported
RM3,500,000 worth of transactions
24 business categories promoted