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Maybank MaxiHome Ezy

ZERO Principal Repayment for the First 5 Years, Service Only Interest

What is Maybank MaxiHome Ezy

Ramen or Lamian is made by stretching and folding the dough into strands – a classic showcase of flexibility.

Like the versatile noodle, Maybank MaxiHome Ezy Housing Loan is here to help you ‘stretch’ your cash flow further.

Enjoy ZERO principal repayments for the first 5 years, so you service only interest! Property ownership could not be easier with extra cash flow - whether you are starting your first job, expanding your property portfolio or conserving cash for home renovation. Pay Less, Pay Later today.


With Maybank MaxiHome Ezy:

  • Enjoy lower monthly commitments for the first 5 years
  • More cash-in-hand for other commitments such as refinancing, moving-in expenses, renovations & etc.
  • Flexibility to withdraw excess funds online via Maybank2u or in branch
  • Up to 50% cash savings every month
  • Though you are allowed to pay less initially, the loan is flexible enough to allow you to pay more anytime; without notice and penalty to save on interest.

Other information

Terms & Conditions

  • For completed and under construction residential properties. Minimum property purchase price of RM100,000 to a maximum of RM2,000,000, Minimum loan amount of RM50,000. Margin of Financing up to 90%. Applicable for Conventional Housing Loan only. Other terms & conditions apply.

Stretch the value of your home loan further by earning extra TreatsPoints when you come onboard as a Maybank Privilege customer.

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