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What is Key Person Insurance?

A Key Person Insurance mitigates negative impact to your business by managing losses as a result of key personnel risk. 

Who is Key Person Insurance for?

Key Person Insurance is an ideal solution to provide coverage for business owners, partners, critical employees and more.

A “key person” is normally a person who is critical to the function of your business, because he/she contributes greatly to the survival, day-to-day operation or profitability of a business.  

Why you should consider Key Person Insurance?

This insurance ensures business continuity by protecting you from financial losses resulting from personnel attrition, operational disruption, and many unforeseen events. For example, in the event of a loss of critical persons, the insurance solution offers financial support to hire & train a successor, bolster investor confidence etc to maneuver the many challenges faced by businesses who lose critical personnel.

What are the benefits?

The insurance premium is potentially tax deductible against the gross income of the business. Please see detailed insurance benefits of these products:

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