Frequently Asked Questions

How do I link my Tabung Haji account with Maybank2u?

Linking your Tabung Haji account with Maybank2u allows you to easily view your TH account balance, quickly transfer funds to your own account and more. Follow the steps below to link your TH account with Maybank2u.

  1. Enter your ATM card at the nearest Maybank ATM.
  2. Select 'Tabung Haji'.
  3. Select 'Register Tabung Haji account to ATM card'.
  4. Enter your Tabung Haji account number then select 'Yes'.
  5. Enter your Tabung Haji passbook serial number and select 'Yes' to confirm.
  6. A confirmation slip will be generated once your request has been processed and your accounts are successfully linked.

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