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Marketplace FAQ

What is the M2U Marketplace?

M2U Marketplace is an info page that consolidates participating partners’ website for you to refer and access for recommended and exclusive deals.

How do I find the M2U Marketplace?

M2U Marketplace can be accessed through your desktop and/or smartphone. Go to, click on M2U Marketplace icon and you will be directed to the page.

What can I do in the M2U Marketplace?

In the M2U Marketplace, you can:-

  • Enjoy promotions offered by selected partners
  • Know more about the participating partners store and
  • Have quick access to partners’ website to purchase products and/or services

Do I need to pay to use M2U Marketplace?

No, there is no fee or charges needed for you to browse the M2U Marketplace.

How do I make a purchase if I am interested in an offer in M2U Marketplace?

You can click on the store that you are interested in and you will be redirected to the partners’ website to complete your purchases.

Do I need to be a Maybank/ M2U customer in order to enjoy the promotions?

No, anyone can enjoy the promotions in the M2U Marketplace as long as they click on the link provided within the M2U Marketplace before purchase.

How can I use the promotions offer?

In order to enjoy the promotions, you have to:-

  • Copy the promotion code of the selected partner in M2U Marketplace
  • Go to the partner’s website through M2U Marketplace
  • Apply the promotion code during checkout

If I have issue with my products/ services, who should I call/ contact?

You may contact the partner stores through the contact details on their website.

Do I have to use a specific payment method to enjoy the promotions?

You can use any payment method that is acceptable on the partner’s website like FPX payment solution, credit/ debit card, e-wallet and more.

How do I purchase from partners who only offer Mobile Application promotions?

You will need to access the partner’s website via M2U Marketplace through your mobile browser and you’ll be re-directed to open the partner’s Mobile Application. To enjoy the promotion, apply the promotion code upon check out.