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Online Stock Login

What is Online Stocks login?

For the benefit of share trading customers, the new Online Stocks login allows Maybankinvest and Aseambankers accountholders to login directly to Online Stocks.

This login is separate from your Online Banking login, although your username and password remain the same.

Who can use this feature?

This access is open to Maybankinvest and Aseambankers share trading customers who are registered Online Banking users.

It is not available for:

  • imteen accountholders
  • Biz accountholders
  • Maybank credit cardholders without a Maybank current/savings account
  • Non-share trading customers / share trading accounts that have not been activated

How much does it cost?

It is currently available free of charge.

Can I login through Online Stocks to do Online Banking?

No, you cannot. Selecting the "Online Banking" tab in Online Stocks will take you to the Online Banking login page. Enter your username and password to proceed.

Do I need a different username and password?

No, you don't. Use your current username and password.

Can I use the Online Stocks Login to view market prices if I don't have a share trading account?

You will not be able to. You have to login to Online Banking and select "Online Stocks" to view this information.

How do I use the Online Stocks Login if I have more than one Online Banking ID and password?

You can access Online Stocks login via any of your access / user IDs as long as your IDs use the same IC no.