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Online Banking For Business Customer

How do I apply for Maybank2u Biz?

You should visit your home branch for assistance on opening an M2U account.

How many users can access to Maybank2u Biz?

You can have minimum of 1 user and maximum of 5 users.

Is FTT open to all M2U. Biz customers?

Yes. FTT is open to all M2U. Biz customers.

Can I perform Open Payment or Fund Transfers?

Yes, if you have registered for 'Maker & Checker' facility.

Can I register / de-register my bills, 3rd party account Interbank GIRO account and FTT account via

If you have registered for 'Maker & Checker' facility, you can perform the registration and changes directly via Maybank2u. Alternatively you can still proceed with the registration and changes at any Maybank branch.

How do I register / de-register my Bills and Accounts?

You should visit your home branch for assistance on the necessary forms needed for submission, as well as statement bills for the payment unless you have registered for 'Maker & Checker' facility, you can perform it via online.

If I already have access to M2U for my individual account, can I link my business account to allow the same access?

No. You cannot link your individual account to your business account.

If I have forgotten my Password / Internet Banking Pin, how should I re-apply for a new Password and Internet Banking Pin?

You will need to visit your home branch to reapply for your Internet Banking Pin.

What is the maximum transaction limit for 3rd Party Fund transfers, Interbank GIRO and Foreign Telegraphic Transfer?

The maximum transaction limit will be:

  • 3rd Party Fund Transfer: RM50,000
  • Interbank GIRO: RM50,000
  • Foreign Telegraphic Transfer: RM49,999

What are the services available on M2U.Biz?

  • Account Summary & Internet Transaction History
  • Cheque Services - Cheque Status, Stop Cheque, Request for Cheque Book
  • Funds Transfer - Own Accounts, Registered 3rd Party, Registered Interbank GIRO, Foreign Telegraphic Transfer and Enquire & Cancel Future Transfer.
  • Registered Bill Payment - Make payments to over 500 payees, Make future payments, Enquire & Cancel Future Payment
  • Forex Counter Rates
  • Utilities - Change Password
  • Bills & Statements
  • M2U Mobile

How long for a transaction to remain valid, after Maker have created it?

Monetary Transaction: Approval within the same day
Non-Monetary Transaction: No validation period for approval