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H.O.T Broking

1. Why choose H.O.T Broking?

H.O.T Broking is based on investing in shares and securities based on Islamic principles. As a measure of confidence, it is guided by the same institutional and regulatory framework that administers conventional stock broking, except that it is governed by Shariah principles.

2. Where can I find a list of Shariah-compliant securities?

While we can provide you a full list, concurrently you may also view it on the Securities Commission's website (

3. Who do you currently serve?

Our service covers institutional and retail clients trading in Shariah-compliant stocks on Bursa Malaysia.

4. Can a non-Muslim trade in Shariah-compliant securities?


5. Is the Islamic window account offered on online trading?

Yes, however you have to close the existing trading account on to prevent co-mingling.

6. If I have already activated my conventional account on online trading, can I activate an Islamic account too?

No, currently only one account is allowed to be traded via

7. Why do I need to open a conventional account since I only wish to invest in Shariah-compliant stocks?

The conventional account is to facilitate the process should a Shariah-compliant stock be declared a non-compliant stock by the Shariah advisory council, thus preventing co-mingling of any non Shariah-compliant returns from the investment made.

8. Can I open an account with two different remisiers for a conventional and an Islamic account?

Yes, you can because the Islamic trading account is linked to a designated nominees account (only Shariah-compliant shares).

9. Does trading of Shariah-compliant securities allow contra transactions?

Yes, you can contra an outstanding purchase position on the same counter.

10. Are there charges imposed on contra transaction?

No. There will be no contra charges imposed.

11. If a contra loss happens, will there be any charges on late payment of contra loss?

Ta'widh or compensation on unpaid losses ("CUL") is imposed effective 3 days after contra (T+4).

12. Will there be charges on late payment of outstanding purchase position and if any, when is it charged and what is the rate?

Ta'widh or compensation on outstanding purchase position ("COPP") is effective from T+5 until the close of position. COPP will be charged daily on purchase amount based on Islamic Interbank Money Market (IIMM) rates.

13. Do you offer any share margin facility under Islamic broking?

Yes, Maybank Invest-i.

14. What is Maybank Invest-i?

Maybank Invest-i is an alternative share trading/ margin financing package from Maybank that is based on the Shariah principle of Murabahah. Under this contract, Maybank agrees to finance your share trading activities in approved Shariah counters listed in Bursa Malaysia.*

* Please note that this service is provided by Maybank Islamic Berhad and acts as a complement to H.O.T Broking.

15. If a Shariah-compliant security is declared non Shariah-compliant, what happens?

In such an instance, the non Shariah-compliant security must be liquidated. Capital gains arising from the disposal of the non Shariah-compliant security made at the time of the announcement can be kept. However, any capital gains made from the disposal of the security after the announcement date should be channeled to charitable bodies. 

16. What if the market price of the Shariah-compliant security, whose status is made Non Shariah-compliant falls below the original investment cost?

In such cases, you are allowed to hold on to the investment as well as keep dividends received during the holding period. Once the total amount of dividends received and the market value of the non Shariah-compliant securities held is equal to the original investment cost, you are advised to dispose off your non Shariah-compliant securities. You only have the right to retain the original investment cost.

17. During the holding period, can I subscribe to any rights issue, bonus issues, special issues or warrants on the non Shariah-compliant securities I hold?

You are allowed to subscribe to:

  • Such an issue (excluding securities whose nature is non Shariah-compliant e.g. Irredeemable Convertible Loan Stocks (ICULS), and
  • any Shariah-compliant securities of other companies offered by the company, on condition that you expedite the disposal of your investment in the non Shariah-compliant securities.