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eShare Application

1. Can I apply for eShare Application if I have a sole proprietor/business account?

Online IPO application through is available only for Savings or Current accountholders with individual or joint personal Maybank accounts.

2. Can I apply for an IPO online if I am residing overseas?

The Association of Banks Malaysia (ABM)'s mandatory requirements for online IPO applications stipulate that the applicant must be a Malaysian citizen residing in Malaysia.

3. Can I apply online using another CDS account number, e.g. my family and friends' accounts?

If you submit an application using another CDS account number, it will be rejected by MCD. The regulations require you to use your own name and CDS account for an online IPO application.

Note: It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that his/her particulars in the records of the financial institutions such as CDS no. (mandatory), name and I/C no. are accurate.

4. How will payment be debited for eShare Application?

The RM1 fee and required amount will be automatically debited from the Maybank Current or Savings Account of your choice.

5. Are there other channels available for IPO application?

You may apply via Maybank Kawanku ATM Electronic Share Application (ESA) or manually fill out printed application forms available at all Maybank branches.

6. How will I know if an IPO is open or already closed?

All IPOs listed on the IPO Application screen are open and their respective closing dates and times are stated.

7. How can I download and view the e-prospectus?

Select the "View eProspectus" link in the eShare Application declaration screen or log on to and save the prospectus to your PC. You may also get a printed copy from Maybank branches.

8. How will I know if my IPO application is successful?

You should use the "Status Enquiry" function in to view the status of your application. The details of your transaction will be displayed on screen. You will also be able to view your eShare Application transactions via ATM online.

9. What are the reasons why an application may be rejected?

Applications will be rejected if your CDS account number or personal particulars are inaccurate, if there is a duplicate IPO application or if there are insufficient funds in your account.

10. How will I be reimbursed if my IPO application is unsuccessful?

An auto reversal will be made to your account if your application is unsuccessful.

11. How many days will it take to credit my account if my share application is unsuccessful?

Your account will be credited within 2 working days after we receive the transaction status from the issuing house.

12. Can I cancel my IPO application?

You may cancel your application for any reason whatsoever, such as the issuance of a supplementary prospectus, by presenting your Identity Card (IC) and a print-out of the transaction receipt or Internet Transaction History at any Maybank branch. This procedure only applies to cancellation before the IPO closing date.