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Takaful Hero15

1. Will I be protected if I am abroad?

Yes, you will be protected if you are outside Malaysia on the purpose of business, study or vacation for a period not exceeding three (3) consecutive months.

2. Can I claim for a traditional/alternative treatment expenses?

Yes, provided that such treatment is sought subsequent to any medical and hospital treatment due to accident.

3. Can I buy this certificate for other person (e.g husband or father)?

Yes, you can buy for other person such as for your husband or your father, as long as you are a Maybank accountholder. The certificate will be under the name of the Participant.

4. Is the certificate renewal guaranteed?

The renewability of the certificate is not guaranteed and the Participant reserves the right to cancel the certificate accordingly at certificate renewal by giving a minimum thirty (30) days written notice to the Participant.

5. How do I pay my contribution?

Your contribution will be automatically debited from your Maybank savings, current account or any credit card. You just have to complete the Payment Instruction on your Proposal Form. This hassle-free service is FREE OF CHARGE

6. What happen if I forget to pay the contribution?

Not paying before due date will result in early termination of coverage to the participant.

7. Should I decide to cancel my purchase of this certificate, will there be any surcharge?

You are entitled to a fifteen (15) days ‘free look' period after purchase of this certificate. Should you decide to cancel, we will refund all contribution paid, less any medical expenses incurred by us in the process of issuing the certificate, if any.

8. How do I make a claim?

Please contact our Claims Assist at 1-300 88 1007