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Prestige PA

1. How comprehensive is the Medical Benefit of this plan?

If an accident occurs, you will receive up to RM100 for outpatient cash benefit at a registered clinic or hospital. If your injury is caused by a snatch thief, you will receive a lump sum cash of RM500 (with police report). If you're hospitalised, you will receive up to RM300 a day for 100 days. If surgery is needed, you will receive another benefit of up to RM9,000. On top of that, the ambulance fee of up to RM500 is payable

2. Does the premium increase as I get older?

No. Your premium remains unchanged as long as your policy is in force.

3. What if I have other insurance?

All benefits are paid even if you have any other insurance plans elsewhere.

4. When does my cover begin?

Your cover begins the day our Financial Executive accepts your completed Proposal Form.

5. What are the exclusions?

There are only the normal exceptions where cover cannot be extended. These are war, terrorism, suicide, sickness or disease, high risk sporting activities such as parachuting or private aviation and drugs or alcohol related accidents. Please refer to the policy document for full details of Exclusion Clauses.

6. What are the excluded occupations?

a. Airline personnel and aircrew

b. Professional sports players

c. Participation in any speed contest

d. Explosive makers, handlers and custodians, blasters

e. Miners and underground workers

f. Ship crews, fishermen and divers

g. Naval, military or air force

h. Detectives and policemen

i. Armed guards and armed occupations

j. Loggers

7. Can I buy the cover for my spouse?

Yes. You will enjoy a 20% savings when you cover yourself and your spouse together in one plan if you pay monthly. If you pay annually, you will get an additional 12% discount.

8. How do I apply?

Our Financial Executive will provide you with the Proposal Form. If you're in good health and free from physical deformity, we guarantee acceptance and you'll be covered from the day we receive your completed Proposal Form. We also guarantee your money back if you're not satisfied in the first 30 days.

9. How do I pay?

Your premium will be automatically debited from your Maybank account according to your choice of payment mode—either monthly or yearly. Just complete the Payment Instruction on your Proposal Form. This hassle-free service is free.

10. What is the claims procedure?

Our Claims Helpdesk Service Officer will offer immediate help with the claim and can be contacted at toll-free 1-800-88-9006 or fax 03-2710 2542.