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SMS & Downloads

Do I need a mobile phone to use SMS & Downloads?

Any Maybank2u registered customer – with or without a mobile phone – can purchase the credit top-up for SMS and mobile content and send it to family and friends.

Can I use this service to reload my mobile prepaid credit?

You will not be able to do this. Please select "Online Prepaid" to reload your mobile phone as there is no refund.

How do I send an SMS or download mobile content?

After login, please refer to the "Help" button at SMS & Downloads.

Can I send SMSes to mobile phones registered with service providers overseas?

Yes. This service supports both local and overseas mobile operators in over 115 countries. At only 15 sen per SMS, it is one of the cheapest rates available.

Who should I call if I have any problems sending SMSes or downloading content?

a.  Call the service provider at 03-2164 3273, 24 hours a day (including public holidays). Please provide your 7-digit Customer Reference Number located at the top of the transaction screen whenever you make any enquiry.

b.  You may also select the "Contact Us" link on screen and send an e-mail.

Is this service the same as "Prepaid2U" and "Online Prepaid"?

"Prepaid2U" and "Online Prepaid" allows you to reload your credit for prepaid mobile services like Celcom, DiGi and Maxis Hotlink. SMS & Downloads is for sending SMSes and downloading mobile content via