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SMS Alerts

Do you support all local mobile service providers?

The SMS Alert service is available to 012, 019, 013, 016 and 017 subscribers only. All 010 and 018 subscribers will not be able to access this service.

Why didn't I receive any SMS alert even though my transaction was successful?

SMS alerts will not be sent to you if:

  • your mobile phone number is not registered at
  • your 010 or 018 mobile number is not supported by this service
  • your mobile phone number is invalid
  • your mobile phone number is not registered in Malaysia
  • the telecommunications service provider system is down for 24 hours or more

Can I receive SMS alerts when I am overseas?

Yes, provided you have international roaming service. However, you will need to bear the roaming cost.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No, this service is free for a limited period.