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Prosperous Now Account-i (PNA-i)

What documents do I need to open a Prosperous Now! Account-i (PNA-i)?

You and/or your joint accountholders will need to present the following documents at Maybank/Maybank Islamic branch where you are opening your account:

  • Valid MyKad for Malaysians,
  • Valid Passport for Foreigners, and
  • Other documentary evidence required by the relevant authorities according to the purpose of visit/stay in Malaysia

What is the difference between IFD-i and PNA-i?

Tenure 1 month up to 60 months 1 - 12 months
Minimum Placement 1 month - RM5,000
2 months and above - RM1,000

When and how is the profit paid?

Upon maturity of PNA-i, the Bank will pay the principal amount to you. The profit will be paid by setting off the security deposit (Hamish Jiddiyah) which has already been paid to your account upfront.

What are the other key terms and conditions of this product that I should know?

Partial withdrawal is not allowed. For early withdrawal:

TenureProfit to be paid
3 months and below No profit will be paid
More than 3 months 50% of profit based on actual number of days of placement

I’m an existing IFD-i accountholder and comply with the eligibility requirements for a PNA-i. How do I convert my existing account to PNA-i?

You will not be able to convert your IFD-i to PNA-i. You have to close your existing IFD-i account and open a new PNA-i.

What does PNA-i Personal Accident Takaful Coverage (PATC) cover?

  • Etiqa Takaful is the provider
  • Malaysians only
  • Individual accountholders
  • For joint accounts, primary accountholder only
  • Death and Total Permanent Disablement
  • RM10,000 regardless of amount of placement
  • One accountholder can only claim once

If I have more than one account, am I entitled to claim more than one PATC?

Should you hold more than one PNA-i accounts, you are still only entitled to claim more than one claim provided that you are the primary accountholders of the account.

Example :

Primary AccountholderSecondary AccountholderCoverage Entitlement
ALI   MARIA   The total claim for 3 accounts is RM10,000

Where should I make a PATC claim?

The submission for PATC claim is to be done at the accountholder's HOME BRANCH.