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Online Bills Payment

Are there any charges for online bill payments?

There is a 50sen charge for each successful transaction to selected payee corporations. You will be notified when you make a payment to any of these corporations and the amount will be debited from your Maybank account.

For deposits to your Tabung Haji account, a 50sen fee will be debited from your Maybank account. Lembaga Tabung Haji also charges a fee of RM1 that will be debited from your Tabung Haji Account.

For education loan repayments to JPA (Pinjaman/Gantirugi), JPA charges a fee of RM1 that will be debited from your Maybank account.

Can I pay more than one bill at a time?

Yes, you may pay any number of bills at one time.

What is 'Future Payment'?

'Future Payment' lets you schedule payments in advance so you will never miss the due date. Just enter the details of your payment and select the effective payment date. Your account will be automatically debited on the specified date. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account.

You can also use eStanding Instruction for your scheduled fixed-sum payments such as loan payments.

What happens if I have insufficient funds in my account?

If you are making an immediate payment, you will see an 'Unsuccessful' message and a reject code that informs you of insufficient funds. If it is a 'Future Payment', your payment will not go through on the scheduled date.

Are bill payments processed on the same day?

Not all payee corporations process payments daily. Therefore, to avoid late payment, it's best to make your payments in advance. Please note that payments made after 12a.m. will only be credited the next working day.

Where can I view my payment transactions?

After you login, click on 'Transaction History'. You will be able to view payments made over the last 60 days. You may print and keep this statement for your record.

What is the maximum amount that I can pay to my credit card, balance transfer or personal loan account via M2U?

You can only pay up to the outstanding balance of your credit card and balance transfer account. For personal loan, you can only pay your monthly repayment amount and any overdue payment.

Can I make a future payment to my credit card and balance transfer account?

Yes. Select 'Effective Date' to decide when you want the payment to be made.

Can I use my balance transfer account to pay my bills?

No, you can't.

Can I use ANY credit card to pay bills via

You may use any credit card issued by a local financial institution in Malaysia, as long as the card is registered in your name. Credit cards issued outside Malaysia cannot be used at the moment.

How many credit cards can I register to pay bills?

You may register up to a maximum of 4 credit cards that belong to you.

Can I remove the credit card I registered for PayBills?

Yes. Just select the credit card you wish to remove under "Add/Remove Credit Card" and click "Delete".

Can I use credit cards from other banks to pay for my Maybankard credit card monthly balance?

You may only use other credit cards to pay bills at You will NOT be able to use them to settle your Maybankard credit card outstanding balance.

Is there a limit for payment with other credit cards via

There is a limit on the number of transactions/amount per payee corporation per day. You will be informed when you reach the maximum amount.

What happens if I have insufficent credit on the effective payment date?

We will be unable to process your transaction as your issuing bank will not authorise the payment.

My Maybank credit card is not shown on my 'Add/Remove Credit Cards' list.

If your Maybank credit card is linked to your Internet Banking account, your account information details can be viewed in your Account Summary.

I registered the maximum of four credit cards to pay my bills but some cards are missing when I select 'From Account' to make a payment.

Don't worry, your credit cards are not missing. Only cards accepted by a particular merchant are displayed.

I forgot my PayBills password.

You will have to change your password before you can login.
If you pay bills using other credit cards:

  • Go to the Login Page and choose the link "If you forget your PayBills password, click here."
  • Then enter your details for ID authentication before changing your password.


If you are a registered user:

  • Call our 24-hour Customer Care hotline at 1-300-88-6688

I have a Maybankard credit card but I don't have a Maybank account. Can I pay bills online?

Yes. Select 'Sign Up' in the top menu and follow the step-by-step instructions. You can also pay bills online using credit cards issued by other Malaysian financial institutions if the credit card is registered in your own name.

I don't have a Maybank account. Can I pay bills using my credit cards from other banks?

Yes. Select 'Sign Up' in the top menu and follow the step-by-step instructions.

I want to change from paying bills with other credit cards to enjoy all Internet Banking services.

Select 'Sign Up' in the top menu and follow the step-by-step instructions for existing PayBills customers who want Internet Banking services.

What do I need to register my hire purchase accounts?

You will need your Bill Account OR Vehicle Registration number to register your hire purchase account.

What will I see during the inquiry before payment is being made?

The Name, Bill Account No. and also the Vehicle Registration No. will be shown during inquiry before confirming your payment.