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M2U Savers-i

What is m2u Savers-i?

m2u Savers-i is an Islamic Savings Account which you can apply online, without visiting the branch.

Who can apply for m2u Savers-i? users aged 18 years old and above with user ID & password access at Secured Site.

How do I apply for m2u Savers-i?

To apply m2u Savers-i, please follow these few simple steps:

  1. Log-in to
  2. Click Apply Online at secured site homepage
  3. Select Account Type = Personal Savings Account, Product Type = m2u Savers-i & click the Continue button

Can I open an m2u Savers-i account at the branch?

No. m2u Savers-i can only be opened/activated via

Do I still need to visit the branch to activate the account?

No. m2u Savers-i will be activated online upon your successful application on

How will I know that my account has been successfully activated?

A successful application message will be displayed at, together with your new m2u Savers-i Account Number upon account opening. You will also be notified of your successful application via SMS.

How many m2u Savers-i accounts can I apply for?

Each customer can only apply for One (1) m2u Savers-i Account.

Are Joint Accounts applicable for m2u Savers-i?

No. m2u Savers-i is available to Individual customers only.

Is m2u Savers-i tied to any physical home branch?

No. m2u Savers-i is not tied to any physical home branch. However, it will be tied to a Virtual Banking Branch with the Branch Code 11140.

How do I make my first deposit to m2u Savers-i?

If you have at least one (1) Current or Savings Account attached to your account, you can make the first deposit to m2u Savers-i by transferring funds from any of these existing accounts. If you do not have any Current or Savings Account attached to, you can make your first m2u Savers-i deposit using any Cheque Deposit Machine (CQM), Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) or by transferring funds via Interbank GIRO (IBG) from other Banks using your new m2u Savers-i Account Number.

What does “RM250 Capping” mean?

RM250 capping means you must always have a minimum balance of RM250 in your m2u Savers-i account, i.e. any withdrawal which will results in an account balance of less than or equals to RM250 is not allowed.

Are all the functionalities available to my m2u Savers-i account upon activation?


How do I apply for an m2u Savers-i ATM Card?

  • For users with existing ATM cards, your m2u Savers-i account will automatically be tied to your existing ATM Card, which acts as the access number for your login.
  • If you do not have a Maybank ATM Card (i.e. existing Credit Card holders without any Savings or Current accounts), you can visit any branch to apply for one. Please note that access can only be tied to an ATM Card Access Number or Credit Card Number. Once you visit a branch to apply for an ATM card, your access number will be linked to your new ATM Card Access number, and will no longer use your Credit Card number. 

Can a m2u Savers-i account holder withdraw/transact at any branch?

Yes. You can withdraw/transact at any branch. However, a RM5 service charge will be imposed for transactions that can be fulfilled at or at our Maybank kiosks (e.g. withdrawal less than RM5,000).

How do I close my m2u Savers-i account?

You can submit a request to close your account via There are three (3) balance transfer methods for Account Closure:

  • Own Account Transfer
  • Third Party Transfer
  • Interbank GIRO (IBG)

If you select Own Account Transfer to transfer your balance, then the dividend earned to date as well as the service charge (if any) will be calculated and closed online. If you select Third Party Transfer or IBG as the Closure balance transfer method, the closure will be handled by our Maybank Group Contact Center (MGCC) within 3 working days and you will be notified on the closure status via SMS.

Can I close m2u Savers-i at the branch?

Yes. Please take note that RM5.00 service charge will be imposed if you closed the account at branch. This is due to account closure can be performed via

How do I “hold”/close an account for the deceased?

For the deceased, the next of kin can visit any branch to "hold" the account or to perform account closure but will need to show proof.

How do I “delete hold” on my account if I have been released from bankruptcy?

You may visit any branch to "delete hold" on the account with proof.