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M2U Mobile

What is M2U Mobile?

It is the mobile version of that is accessible using the web-browser on your mobile phone. Our M2U screens have been optimized to fit within the screen of your mobile phone.

Do I need to register for M2U Mobile?

No, there is no need to register for this service. However, you must be an existing internet banking customer to use this service. You can login using your existing username and password to gain access from your mobile phone.

How do I apply for Internet Banking Services if I do not have access to

If you do not have access to Internet Banking, you have to first sign up for via your Home Branch or ATMs.

Do I need to download and install any software to use this service?

No. You do not need to download or install any software to use M2U Mobile.

How do I access M2U Mobile?

To access M2U Mobile, follow these steps: 

  1. Launch the Mobile Browser on your mobile phone
  2. Type in this URL :
  3. Login using your existing username & password

What if I fail to access M2U Mobile?

If your attempt to sign-on fails even after 3 tries, your User ID will be blocked. Please contact our Maybank Group Call Centre (MGCC) at 1-300 88 6688 (local) or 603-7844 3696 (overseas) any time, any day to unblock your ID upon verification. Alternatively, you can also email us at

Are there any charges to use M2U Mobile?

No. There is no access or annual fee levied. However, there are charges levied for selective bill payments, Interbank fund transfers as well as other connectivity charges imposed by your mobile service provider.

What are the minimum mobile phone device requirements to use M2U Mobile?

Minimum requirements to use M2U Mobile include:

  • Built-in web browsing capability on your mobile phone
  • Data connection. This can be either via WAP, GPRS, EDGE or 3G-connection. Please contact your mobile service provider to activate your data connection.

What kind of mobile phones can support M2U Mobile?

All mobile devices with browser capabilities can access M2U Mobile.

How do I locate the browser on my mobile phone?

To locate the browser on your phone, look for these icons:

What are the services available in M2U Mobile?

List of services on M2U Mobile include:

  • Account Summary 
    • Balance Inquiry (Savings, Current, Credit/Debit Card) 
    • M2U History, Recent Transaction, Today's Transactions)
    • Transaction History (Deposit, Credit/Debit Card)
  • Funds Transfer 
    • To Own Accounts 
    • To Registered 3rd Party Accounts 
    • To Registered Interbank GIRO
  • Payments 
    • Registered Bill Payment 
    • Card Payment (Own) 
    • Card Payment (Registered 3rd Party Accounts)
  • View Rates 
    • View Forex & Deposit Rates

How do I register my "Favourite" accounts and bills?

New "Favourite" accounts and bill payment account registration can only be performed via access using your PC or notebook. This is because the registration of accounts & bills requires a TAC and TAC requests are not available when performing registrations via your mobile phone.

What is the M2U Mobile banking session expiry limit?

As a security measure, the M2U Mobile banking session will be automatically terminated if you leave it idle for more than 5 minutes.

How will I be charged for network access time?

When you access the 3G/GPRS network, you will be charged by your telco for retrieving data (bytes). Charges depend on the amount of information/ data requested and sent, not on the length of time / duration of your access to M2U Mobile.

What are the security certificates required for access to M2U Mobile?

A minimum certification of Verisign Class 3 is required. These certificates have a validity period. Therefore, if the certificate has expired, you will need to get an update from your phone manufacturer. The time and date settings on your phone must also be correct for access to M2U Mobile.

Can I access M2U Mobile while overseas?

Yes, provided your mobile phone has had its roaming service activated.

What if I change my mobile number?

You can still access M2U Mobile, as your login is based on your username and password.

What security precautions should I take when using M2U Mobile?

You are advised to clear your phone browser cache on a regular basis.

Can i obtain the receipt for a transaction done via M2U mobile?

Yes, customers can obtain the receipt by accessing full website using a desktop PC or laptop.


  1. Login to
  2. Select Account and Banking
  3. Select Account Summary
  4. Select Account
  5. Select M2U History
  6. Select Reprint - Receipt