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imTeen Account

What do I need to bring to open an imteen / imteen-i account?

You and your parent/guardian will need to go to the nearest Maybank / Maybank Islamic branch along with all relevant documents i.e. your birth certificate/IC and your parent/guardian's IC and other supporting documents to verify parentage or guardianship. The parent or guardian will need to sign an Indemnity Letter with RM10 for stamping fees.

Can I open an imteen / imteen-i account with my parents?

The imteen / imteen-i account cannot be opened jointly or In-Trust with parents or guardians. It must be opened on your own.

How do I perform my banking transactions with the imteen / imteen-i account?

imteen / imteen-i is a passbookless account — transactions are done without a passbook. You will receive a Maybankard Bankcard (ATM) card which you can use at any Maybank ATM, Cash Deposit Machine or Cheque Machine, with access at over 1,500 ATMS around the country and even more access via PLUS networks both in Malaysia and other countries. You can also use your Maybankard as a debit card at participating merchants. You also have online access to imteen Internet Banking Facilities via

Since I do not have a passbook, how will I know the balance in my imteen account?

You may check and view your account records via quarterly statements (received if you maintain an average account balance of at least RM1,000 throughout the quarter), ATM and

Are there any restrictions imposed at ATM facilities?

Yes, you are not provided access to the following services:

* 3rd party transfer
* Selectable withdrawal limit
* Selectable 3rd party transfer limit
* Purchase insurance
* Paybills - Mayban Assurance Bhd
* Interbank funds transfer
* Electronic Share Application (Share Issue / ESA)
* Phone banking application
* application
* Mobile Financial Services registration
* M2U Mobile registration/deregistration

Note: All transactions are subject to a limit of RM500 per day, per account.

Where do I apply for access to Maybank2u?

Application for Maybank2u access can only be done at Maybank branches, as applications via ATM are blocked.

What imteen Internet Banking Services are offered at Maybank2u?

You may view your account summary and Internet transaction history, transfer up to RM500 per day within your own accounts, purchase mobile and Internet prepaid reloads (up to RM100 per day) as well as IDD and STD prepaid reloads online, enjoy credit top-ups, SMS and downloads, pay bills online and update your contact information.

Are there any restrictions imposed at Maybank2u?

Access to services such as 3rd Party Transfer, Online Stocks, Investment and Insurance, EPF and Mobile Financial Services are not provided.

How do I access imteen Internet Banking Facilities?

Just login to and click on myzone to access the range of services.

What is the special interest rate offered by imteen?

The imteen account allows you to enjoy a special one-month Fixed Deposit rate for your savings.

How do I qualify for the special Fixed Deposit (FD) interest rate?

imteen accountholders will be entitled to the special one-month Fixed Deposit (FD) rates if you make only one (1) withdrawal per month for 6 consecutive months i.e. from 1st January to 30th June and from 1st July to 31st December, and that you are under 18 years old. Otherwise, a lower rate under Kawanku Savings Account will be applied.

When and how is the interest paid?

The interest is calculated daily and credited twice a year, i.e. every 30th June and 31st December of the year. Once attained the age of 18 and above, Kawanku Savings interest rate will apply.

Do I have to maintain a minimum balance?

No, there is no minimum balance requirement. However, to enjoy benefits such as the Personal Accident (PA) Insurance coverage, Medical Benefits and Cash Award Claims, your minimum balance should not be less than RM1,000 under Conventional Scheme.

Is there a limit to how much I can take out of my imteen Account?

imteen accountholders are subject to a debiting limit of RM500 per day via all delivery channels namely bank counters (OTC), online (M2U), ATM, MEPS, EFTPOS and Regional Switch except for all system postings i.e. SI. However, withdrawals of more than the limit are allowed over the counter.

What does imteen's Personal Accident (PA) insurance cover?

All imteen accountholders are automatically covered with Personal Accident (PA) coverage as long as a minimum balance of RM1,000 is maintained.

Savings balanceSum insured
RM1,000 — RM5,000 RM15,000
RM5,001 — RM10,000 RM25,000
Above RM10,001 RM30,000

Terms and Conditions apply

What is the grace period to notify your Maybank branch of any accident for insurance claim?

For insurance claims, the accountholder is given 21 days from the date of the accident to notify a Sales & Service Centre.

What do I do if I've lost my ATM card or forgotten my Maybank2u password?

For replacement of lost/stolen ATM card and/or forgotten card pin number, or to reset Maybank2u password and/or pin number, you need to go to the nearest Maybank branch with your parent/guardian. Please remember to bring along all relevant documents for verification purposes.

If I am a foreigner, am I subject to the signing of the Indemnity Letter?

The signing of the Indemnity Letter is compulsory for all parents/guardians, both local and foreign, as a condition to open an imteen Account.