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Image Return Documents

What is an Image Return Document (IRD)?

  • An IRD serves as a notice of dishonor and the reason for its return.
  • Selected six (6) returned reasons as follows :
    1. Refer to Drawer
    2. Exceeded Arrangement/Amount Limit Exceeded
    3. Effects Not Cleared
    4. Not Arranged For
    5. Other Reason (For Insufficient Funds)
    6. Post Dated
  • It is a legally recognized document replacing the original physical cheque.
  • It can be re-presented to the bank.
  • It is more secure as alterations are not allowed.

A sample of an IRD as per Appendix I.

Why is an IRD advice issued instead of returning the original physical cheque?

The IRD is introduced as eSPICK removes the physical cheque from the clearing process.

What information is contained in an IRD?

An IRD provides the following information :

  • the reason for its return
  • that it can be re-presented
  • the validity period for its re-presentment
  • the number of times the cheque had been re-presented

What should I do if I receive an IRD?

  •  You should detach the bottom half of the notice and present the IRD for clearing.
  • If you request for a replacement cheque from the issuer, you should return the IRD to the issuer.
  • The issuer should place a “payment stop” instruction on the original cheque.

How should I present an IRD?

  • An IRD issued by Maybank can only be presented over the counter at any Maybank branch and into the same account the cheque was originally deposited.
  • An IRD deposited into the Cheque Drop-in Box will be processed on the next working day.
  • An IRD cannot be deposited into the Cheque Deposit Machine as the machine will not process the transaction and will reject it.

Can I present an IRD to a Bank for cash payment over the counter?

An IRD can only be presented for clearing and not for encashment.

Are there charges for an IRD?

No, there are no additional charges as the IRD is a replacement of the returned cheque.

Can I request for the original cheque?

  • Yes. However, a service fee may be levied for retrieval, postage, etc.
  • The IRD must be surrendered to the bank in exchange for the original physical cheque and on condition the original cheque is available.

If an IRD cannot be presented, what must I do?

The IRD should be returned to the issuer in exchange for a new cheque.

Can I re-present an IRD if it is crumpled or stained?

Yes, as long as the IRD is not altered or mutilated or torn.

Can I present an altered / mutilated / torn IRD?

No. You should ask the issuer for a new cheque and the issuer should instruct the bank to place a payment stopped on the  “cheque”.

For an IRD that is presented and is dishonored, can the same IRD be used?

  • No, a new IRD will be generated for each return of the same cheque.
  • For each reissued IRD, the number of times the IRD is issued is indicated under the column “No. of Presentment”.

Can I deposit the IRD into another Bank or Branch or Account?

  • No, you cannot deposit the IRD into another Bank or another Account.
  • The IRD can only be presented at the Bank where it was first deposited or any of its branches but only into the same account.

How many times can I present an IRD?

One (1) time. An IRD can be re-presented.

What is the validity period of an IRD?

Six (6) months from the date of the original cheque.