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Golden Savers Saving Account

What do I need to bring along to open a Golden Savers Savings Account?

You and / or your joint applicant will need to go to the nearest Maybank branch with the following relevant documents:

  • Valid MyKad for Malaysians
  • Valid Passports for Foreigners and
  • Other documentary evidence required by the authorities according to the purpose of your visit / stay in Malaysia.

What is the difference between a normal savings account and a Golden Savers Savings Account?

The Golden Savers savings account is specially tailored for individuals, aged 50 years and above, retirees and those who plan for early retirement. The Kawanku Savings account meanwhile is a generic savings account for the working populace. The Golden Savers savings account offers high interest rates and other benefits* compared to a normal savings account (Terms & Conditions apply).


  • Free service charges for foreign telegraphic transfer
  • Discount from various merchants
  • access
  • ATM access
  • Maybankard Visa Debit

How much do I need to open such a Golden Savers Savings Account?

You need a minimum of RM1,000 to open a Golden Savers Savings Account.

How many people are allowed to open a joint account?

A joint account can be opened by a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4.

Do I have to maintain a minimum balance to be entitled for the high interest rates under the Golden Savers savings account?

Yes. You need to maintain a minimum balance of RM1,000 in your account.

How and when will I be entitled to TreatsPoints?

For the first three months, every RM10,000 deposited into your account will entitle you to 2,000 TreatsPoints. Early birds who open a Golden Savers savings account within the first month of its launch will be rewarded Double TreatsPoints.

When can I redeem my TreatsPoints?

You may redeem your Treatpoints one month after the 3-month campaign promotional period.