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Golden Savers-i Saving Account

What do I need to bring to open a Golden Savvy Account-i?

You and / or your joint applicant will need to go to the nearest Maybank / Maybank Islamic branch along with all relevant documents as follows:

  • Valid MyKad for Malaysians
  • Valid Passports for Foreigners and
  • Other documentary evidence required by the authorities according to the purpose of your visit / stay in Malaysia.

What is the difference between a Savings Account-i / Basic Savings Account-i and a Golden Savvy Account-i?

 Saving Account-i / Basic Savings Account-iGolden Savvy Account-i
Contract Wadiah (Safe Custody) Mudharabah (Profit Sharing)
Eligibility Individual / Joint Account
(for individuals 18 years and above)
Individual / Joint Account
(for individuals 50 years and above)
Minimum Deposit RM250 / RM20 (Basic) RM1,000
Profit Hibah based on discretion by the bank Profit Sharing
Service Charge for Foreign Telegraphic Transfer Yes No
Discount from various merchant Yes, under debit card discount Yes, under debit card discount

How much do I need to open such an account?

A minimum of RM1,000

How many people are allowed to open a joint account?

4 accountholders

How can I check the balance in my Golden Savers-i Savings Account apart from my passbook?

You may check and view your account records via quarterly statements (received if you maintain an average account balance of at least RM1,000 throughout the quarter), ATM and