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Financial Process Exchange FPX

Do I have to register before making payments with FPX?

No registration is required. As long as you are an Internet Banking user of any FPX-participating bank, you may use FPX to make payments via online access to your bank account.

What must I have before I can make payments with FPX?

You'll need an Internet Banking account and payment information such as bill number, seller reference number and related information to enable merchants to identify the payment.

Is there a "Future Payment" option?

Currently, there is no future payment option available for FPX.

I registered as a Sole Proprietor at Am I eligible for this service?

FPX service is only available for individual Internet Banking customers. It is not open to Sole Proprietors, Small Business customers and myzone registered users.

What are the operating hours for FPX?

FPX service is available 24-hours daily 7 days a week. The FPX service to the customers however, is subject to the customer's Internet Banking service availability.

How can I identify if a merchant accepts payment with FPX?

There will be an FPX logo on the merchant's website and a link to connect you to FPX to make payments.

Are there any charges when using this service?

You may be charged a flat rate or a percentage of your total transaction amount.

Can I pay more than one bill at a time?

No. You may only pay one bill per login.

Is there a limit to the number of transactions or amount I can make in a day?

The minimum limit per transaction is RM1.00 and maximum amount is limited up to RM30,000* per transaction.

The maximum amount per day is RM50,000*.

*The above transaction value limit, however is subject to the customer's individual Internet Banking limit with the bank, whichever is lower.

What happens if I have insufficient funds in my account?

Your transaction will be rejected.

Are bill payments processed on the same day?

Yes, they are.

Where can I view my payment transactions?

You may check your account balance and transaction history.

Can I make payments to my credit cards via FPX?

No, this service is currently not available.

Should I disable my pop-up blocker?

Yes. Please disable your pop-up blocker or any other browser functions which might prevent a pop-up.

What reference should I use to identify my FPX transactions?

Please refer to the FPX Transaction ID found in your FPX browser.

Who do I call to enquire about my transaction status?

Kindly call the bank you made the payment from to enquire about the status of your payment. Your bank will liaise with Maybank in case of any dispute.

Will I get a full refund?

No. You will not be refunded on commission charges.