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eFixed Deposit

What is an eFD?

eFD is a certless Fixed Deposit (FD) that can be placed and withdrawn via No receipt/certificate will be issued upon placement; instead, an 8-digit reference number that ends with the alphabet 'E' will indicate that the Fixed Deposit is initiated at eFD is available for both Islamic and conventional accounts.

What is the criteria for opening an eFD account?

You need to have a banking account, e.g. a savings/current account.

Can I open a joint eFD account?


What are the minimum and maximum deposit amounts?

The minimum amount is RM5,000 for 1 month and RM1,000 for 2 months and above. There is no maximum amount.

When is the effective date of my eFD?

The effective date of your eFD will be immediate on the same day.

How do I withdraw my eFD upon maturity?

You can withdraw it via

Can I withdraw my eFD before maturity?

Yes, you may. However, there will be no interest paid for premature withdrawals made within 3 months of the placement date. After 3 months, interest will be paid for the number of days the eFD is placed. The interest rate payable is only half of the quoted rate.

Can I open more than 1 joint e-FD account?

Customer cannot open more than one (1) joint account via Maybank2u with the same FD products (even though it is with different names). Nevertheless, customer can open the joint fixed deposit account at the branch that they have opened their saving account. Upon opening of the joint fixed deposit account, only the subsequent eFD placements can be done via Maybank2u.

Can I withdraw a certain amount of my eFD only or make a partial withdrawal?

No, partial withdrawal is unavailable.

Can I withdraw my eFD in cash?

No. All withdrawals (both principal and interest) will be credited to your banking account (i.e. to any of your linked accounts).

What happens when an eFD customer is deceased?

Once the Bank is notified of any deceased customer, subsequent instructions will be taken from the Administrator/Executor of the deceased customer's estate to release the funds to the Administrator/Executor as soon as possible.

Will I receive any advice upon placement/renewal?

No, but you can view/print the confirmation of placement via or you can print the FD Account Inquiry upon renewal.

Will I receive monthly statements? How do I make a balance enquiry on my eFD?

If you have enrolled for a Combined Statement, your eFD details will be reflected in your monthly Combined Statement. If you have not, an enquiry on eFD details can be made via

Is eFD covered under Deposit Insurance?


Can I take a loan against my eFD?