Coming Soon: Secure2u as the only method to approve Bill Payments and IBG transactions on Maybank2u

Dear Valued Customers,

In our efforts to provide you with better online banking security, Secure2u will be used as the preferred authorisation method on Maybank2u, based on the transaction value and effective dates below:

Transactions Value

Effective Date*

Transactions of RM5,000 and above

16 Feb 2021

Transactions of RM4,000 and above

24 Feb 2021

Transactions of RM3,000 and above

8 Mar 2021

Bill Payments (any amount)

Coming Soon

IBG transactions (any amount)

Coming Soon

*SMS TAC will not be provided after each effective date.

If you have registered for this service, Secure2u will be the default method to approve ALL transactions rather than TAC.

Activate Secure2u via the Maybank2u app now to enjoy a safer and easier way to authorise your Maybank2u transactions.

Click here to find out more about how Secure2u works.