Scam Alert: Spot a fake promo? Don't click!

Don't be quick to click on any advertisements that look too good to be true! Scammers are getting smarter these days and they are taking advantage by creating “fake” promotions/campaigns on social media that will convince you to disclose YOUR sensitive information, such as your Maybank2u username and password. Always be cautious if you see one in your news feed!

How to spot a scam? Watch out for these red flags when you see an advertisement or are brought to a website. If you have responded to it with your personal details, please contact us immediately at 03-5891 4744.

Check the URL to spot fraudulent websites

Scammers create phishing websites that look almost the same as M2U to steal your login details. Always double check the URL, but to be safe, type the URL on your browser to visit Maybank2u at all times.

Scammers use Unicode characters to mimic Maybank

These characters look different from the regular Facebook font used on Facebook. If you’re in doubt, click on the profile to verify if it’s indeed Maybank’s official social media page.

Be wary of the terms/names used in the advertisement

A fake promo usually imitates Maybank2u or M2U to confuse customers. Watch out for incorrect terms such as “MY2U”.

Verify your M2U profile image and security phrase

After keying in your username, M2U will always show your profile image and security phrase for verification. Make sure they are correct before keying in your password.