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Sustainability, not Charity

What is Trade & Give

Trade [&Give] is a mission built on passion, partnerships, teamwork and an eye towards the future.

Our business is money; raising capital, creating wealth and energising the capital market. We know that businesses simply cannot grow on human energy alone. Without access to capital, businesses and communities might survive, but they cannot thrive. For our future growth, as well as the future development of ASEAN, we need to help the current generation of small businesses and cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs. We do that through providing financial access and wealth creation opportunities where they currently do not exist.


  • Only 10% of the 600 million people in ASEAN are living in a safe, comfortable homes.
  • Only 27% of adults in ASEAN have a bank account.
  • Only 33% of businesses have access to capital.

In small communities a business is a purely a means for subsistence, with revenues that are only enough to provide for a family's daily needs. Trade[&Give] works to create programmes for the underserved to increase access to business support, for self-sufficiency and ultimately financial growth.

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