SME Clean Loan/ Financing Plus

Have a flexibility in managing your cashflow. With combination of TL/TF and OD/ CL-i into one package, you will obtain upfront cash from Term Loan/ Term Financing and readily available limit from Overdraft/ Cashline-i facility



Offers a combination of Term Loan/ Term Financing and OD/ CL-i in one package based on:

  • Term Loan/ Term Financing: 30%
  • OD/ CL-i facility: 70%

OD/ CL-i will steadily maintain for 1st 2 years and start on monthly reduction from month 25

Financing tenure

Min 3 years and up to 7 years

Financing Quantum

RM250k until RM1 mil


70% guarantee by CGC


Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Sdn Bhd, LLP, Professional

Security Requirement

  • Joint and Several Guarantee from all the directors/partners (for Sdn Bhd and LLP)
  • Corporate Guarantee (to be obtained from Parent companies, if applicable)

More info

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