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Property Financing - SME

MaxiPlan/-i package: Property & Business Financing

Property backed financing solutions for businesses to acquire industrial and commercial properties and working capital financing

Features & Benefits

  • Facilitate your fund management to service repayments/payments through fixed instalments.
  • Enjoy higher margin of financing of more than 100% with working capital and a financing tenure of up to 20 years.
  • The purpose of property purchased can be for owner occupation or investment.


Purpose of financing:

  • Asset acquisition
  • Refinancing, Remortgage and Redraw
  • Working capital financing
  • Enhancement of existing facilities secured by properties
  • Construction of non-standard/custom-built properties
  • Acquisition of industrial/ commercial vacant land with construction of non-standard/ custom-built property

Types of properties:

  • Industrial properties (Factories, Warehouses)
  • Commercial Properties (Shop houses, Shop offices, Shop lots, Retail lots)
  • Financing of vacant industrial land and construction of industrial properties thereon

Eligibility and Requirements

Documents :

Certified photocopies of:

  • A certified photocopy of Memorandum & Article of Association, Business Registration, Form D, Form 9, Form 24 & 49
  • Company and Holding Company profile, Particulars of Directors / Main Shareholders and photocopy of each Director's Identity Card
  • Certified photocopy of the last 3 years of Audited Financial Accounts and latest Management Accounts, and the last 6 months of Bank Statements from other banks
  • Certified photocopy of the Sales and Purchase Agreement and the Valuation Report
  • Terms and conditions apply. All applications are subject to the Bank's credit assessment

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