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Project & Contract financing

Project & Contract financing

A multi facility solution for project and contract financing

Benefits and Features

  • Enjoy interest/profit payable on the amount used and the flexibility of a standby source of funds whenever required.
  • You'll be tied against contracts secured from government bodies and reputable companies
  • The contracts must be accepted by the Bank for financing
  • Payment is to be channelled directly to the Bank
  • Higher margin of financing
  • Facilities are not on a revolving basis
  • Short-term financing
  • Interest/Profit rate is pegged against BLR/BFR

Types of Facilities

  • Overdraft against Supplier Invoices/Cash Line-i against Supplier Invoices
  • Overdraft against Contract/Cash Line-i against Contract
  • Overdraft against Claims/Cash Line-i against Claims
  • Blanket Facilities Including Trade Lines/-i
  • Performance Guarantee/-i
  • Advance Payment Guarantee/-i
  • Tender Guarantee/-i


  • A certified photocopy of Memorandum & Article of Association, Business Registration, Form D, Form 9, Form 24 & 49.
  • Company and Holding Company profile, Profile of Directors/Main Shareholders and photocopy of each Director’s Identity Card.
  • Please include the latest 3 years of Audited Financial Accounts/Statements for Company and Holding Company, a certified true copy of the latest management accounts, latest 6 months of Bank Statements from other banks, and a photocopy of the latest cash flow projection for the project/contract to be financed. And don’t forget the Letter of Award/Contract Agreement.
  • Terms and conditions apply. All applications are subject to the Bank’s credit assessment.

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