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Small Debt Resolution Scheme (SDRS)

Solution for impaired financing of SMEs

Purpose of Financing

  • As a continuing effort by BNM to assist SMEs with ongoing businesses, specifically to resolve non-performing loans / financing (NPLs / NPF) of SMEs in an efficient and objective manner
  • To support viable businesses facing difficulties by facilitating rescheduling or restructuring of financing facilities, and where appropriate, providing new financing.
  • To ensure that financial institutions play an effective role in facilitating the rehabilitation of viable SME customers facing financial difficulties.


  • Malaysian-owned (at least 51%) companies and institutions registered under the Companies Act 2016, Registration of Business Act 1956, Societies Act 1966 or the Cooperative Societies Act 1993.
  • SMEs as per BNM definition.
  • SMEs with non-performing financing or SMEs facing financial difficulties with facilities from multiple financial institutions.
  • The financing was granted for business-related purposes only.
  • Applicants must have an on-going business and SMEs from all economic sectors are eligible for this scheme.


  • Share financing and financing for personal consumption are not eligible under the SDRS.

Scope of SDRC

  • BNM acts as the Secretariat for the Small Debt Resolution Committee (SDRC).
  • The SDRC comprises 11 committee members, two of which are representatives of BNM.

New Financing Under SDRS

  • Where new financing is deemed justified, it shall be granted under existing SME financing schemes established by BNM (i.e. existing BNM’s fund available)
  • Participating FIs / IFIs shall seek confirmation from the Secretariat on the appropriate BNM financing schemes, from which new financing will be granted
  • All features of eligibility are according to each BNM fund guidelines.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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