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A broad range of web-enabled cash management solutions to simplify banking for your enterprise

InfoActiv Information

Enables real-time information of account activities, balances and statements with an option to download, view, save and print.


View end-of-day balances, loan balances and floats information for all your transactions and access Current Account, Corporate Current Account, Foreign Currency Account, Islamic Current Account and Foreign Bankers Nostro Account.


Access banking statements such as Account Statements, Interest Statements, Merchant Reports and Payee Corp Reports anywhere, anytime.

Electronic Advices

View credits and debits made to your accounts through Electronic Advices. Access Maybank2E for GIRO, RENTAS, Foreign Telegraphic Transfers (TT) and Foreign Bills advices, available daily.

Cheque Book Management                 

Make cheque book requests and cancellations, cheque stop requests and cheque status inquiries.

Company Portfolio Management

This system provides a holistic view and complete knowledge of your accounting position empowering you to make strategic decisions for your business.

SWIFT Messages

Convert bank statements to Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) messaging format.


Make payments electronically to your beneficiary accounts through Intrabank, Interbank GIRO and RENTAS payment gateways.

PaymentConnex Payables

HR Pay

Transmit payroll of staff salaries, bonuses, commissions and claims reimbursement online. Credit employer or employee contributions to statutory bodies i.e. EPF, SOCSO and Zakat automatically.

Ancillary Pay

Manage file-based payments to partners, vendors and suppliers online. 
(Third Party Payment, Foreign Currency Payment, Loans Repayment and Cards Payment)


Make electronic payments via a Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C) model through the Financial Processing Exchange (FPX) channel.

Bills Pay

Enables you to pay your bills online and in real-time.

Smart Cheque

Enables you to outsource issuance of bulk cheques for processing.

Fix Pay

Instruct the bank to perform transactions to a designated beneficiary account(s) at pre-set and scheduled timings, similar to a Standing Instruction (SI) remittance service.


Enables you to procure goods with ease as it provides the flexibility of Order Management, Payments and Financing to manage the delivery of goods against invoices.


Manage disbursements of dividends to shareholders with direct credit of funds into shareholders’ accounts with tax vouchers or cheque warrant printing.


Ability to manage and track all incoming payments. It also facilitates the maintenance of up-to-date records of accounts receivables for reconciliation.

RapidCollex Receivables

Direct Collections

Manage the collections process of transactions between Intrabank accounts through our online automated system using a Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C) model.

FPX Collection

Collect electronic payments via a Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C) model through the Financial Processing Exchange (FPX) channel. 

Electronic Invoice for Presentment and Payment (EIPP) & Electronic Bills Presentment and Payment (EBPP)

Automate the generation of invoices and bills through EIPP & EBPP to your customers. 

Cheque Collection (Lockbox)

Deposit cheques at convenient collection points or make arrangements to collect the cheques with special handling from your business premises.                                                          

Description Field Facility (DFF)

Facilitate your receivables management process with our DFF module where bank reconciliation fields are made available for tracking and cross referencing.


Minimise borrowing requirements for working capital, idle balances, smooth deficits and surplus cash positions between bank accounts.

Cash2Xpand Liquidity


Position surplus funds from one account to offset deficits in another without actual movement of funds for the purpose of interest computation.


Sweep funds into a concentration account to minimise idle cash balances or automatically move cash balances into an interest-earning money market fund according to the pre-set parameters for higher returns.


Manage idle funds by placing it under short tenor investment in order to earn quick capital gain through Repurchase Agreement (Repo) in the money market.

Biz2Xcel Corporate Services

Eliminate manual handling of processes with our innovative services.


Access electronic images of payment instruments such as deposited cheques.


Send and Receive alerts via Short Messaging Service (SMS) or e-mail.

Cheque Fraud Management System

Authenticate your cheques with our Image Positive Pay System (IPPS), an advanced fraud detection service that captures outgoing cheque images for verification. 

Host to Host (H2H)

Link your existing payables and receivables processing system with the Bank's system.

Mobile Services

Instantly reach out to your customers using Short Messaging Service (SMS) broadcast via our online system.

Online Collaboration

Connect to our Helpdesk and access online troubleshooting, a hassle free channel to communicate with us to resolve your queries.


An innovative web-based trade finance service offering a comprehensive suite of conventional trade finance products online.

TradeConnex Trade Finance Service

Import Letters of Credit
Apply for issuance and amendment of LCs; perform enquiries, follow-up and provide further instructions on LC transactions. The Bank can also send any information on existing LCs such as advices of discrepancies or payments.

Export Letters of Credit
Receive on-line notifications and perform enquiries on export LCs.

Banker's Guarantees

Apply for issuance, renewal and amendment of Banker's / Counter Guarantees, perform enquiries and follow up on the guarantees issued. 

Financing Request
Request for Trade Financing for local and foreign trade transactions; perform enquiries, follow up and provide further instructions on financing request transactions.

Import Collection
Receive notifications on inward collections and subsequent updates from the Presenting/Collecting Bank; perform enquiries, follow up and provide further instructions on collection transactions.

Export Collection
Submit local and foreign bills collection instructions to the bank; perform enquiries, follow up and provide further instructions on collection transactions.