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American Express Corporate Card

American Express Corporate Card

Here's a card that is empowered with flexible tools to help you simplify your Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expenses



Why should I apply for this card?

It's the most widely used corporate payment system in the industry, plus the American Express Corporate Card can be used for over 98% of all T&E expenses with no pre-set spending limits.**

With a variety of spending limit options, you can control high-risk spending on the Corporate Card and enforce your T&E policies.

Various Card restrictions are available, including:

  • Overall spending limits
  • Industry spending limits

**Charges approved based on ability to pay as demonstrated by past spending, payment patterns and resources.

Anything else I need to know?

We're not finished yet, there's a lot more to this card...

You can choose from a full range of billing and payment options, namely Individual Payment, Company Payment, Central Billing Option and other payment options which are designed to complement your accounting and reporting procedures.

In addition to that, you can select from 10 billing cycles to coordinate statement dates with your company's payroll periods or reimbursement schedules.

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