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Risk Profiler

How much risk would you be willing to take when it comes to investing your money? How long are you prepared to wait before seeing potential returns? Determining your risk profile can help you decide which products best match your investment objectives.
Answer the following questions to determine your financial risk profile. All information provided is strictly private and confidential.
1. When would you need your capital back if you were to invest your money today?
Less than one year from now
One to five years from now
Over five years to ten years from now
More than ten years from now
2. What is the current amount of savings (Bank Deposits and Cash Equivalents) that you have now, when compared to your monthly income?
One to three months of your income
More than three months and up to six months of your income
More than six months of your income
3. What percentage of your income is spent on monthly loan repayments?
Less than 15%
15% to 30%
Over 30% to 50%
More than 50%
4. How do you expect your future income to grow over the next five years?
Increase strongly
Increase constantly
No increase
Decrease slightly
Decrease substantially
5. Do you have any experience with regard to investing?
I have never invested and have no knowledge in investment
I have basic investment knowledge but have never invested before
I have basic investment knowledge and have invested before
I am both knowledgeable and experienced in investment
6. If you are given RM10,000 for investment purposes and you must realise your investment in 1 year's time, which of the following options would you choose?
50:50 chance of it growing to RM30,000 or being worthless (RM0)
75% chance of it growing to RM20,000 and 25% chance of it being worthless (RM0)
75% chance of it growing to RM14,000 and 25% chance of it remaining the same value (RM10,000)
85% chance of it growing to RM12,000 and 15% chance of it remaining at the same value
A guaranteed return of RM320 in one year's time on top of the capital
7. Would you speculate in the share market based solely on tips received from close friends?
Yes, I would
I would have to think about it
No, I wouldn't
8. You are shopping for a television. After you have decided on the model that you want, the salesman offers you a "display" set at a 25% discount but with no warranties (RM1,500) or a brand new set with no discount (RM2,000) but with full warranties. Which one would you buy?
The "display" model
I would have to think about it
The brand new model
9. If your investment in the share market, which had been showing consistent returns, suddenly drops by 30% in value, would you:
Panic and sell all your shares
Hold on and only sell when you can break even
Maintain your investment for the long-term
Buy more shares as the price is lower now
10. What would you do if your investment in the share market went up by 20% within 6 months from now?
Maintain my investment or buy more shares
Sell part of my shares to realise some profits
Sell all my shares and lock in the profit
11. Would you borrow money to purchase an investment that can give you potential returns?
Yes, I would borrow 100% of the original investment value
I would borrow 50% of the original investment value and utilise my own money for the other 50%
No, I would not borrow money for this investment
12. Given the choice below, which one would you choose to invest in?
Solid defensive companies that have long-term value and a reasonable dividend yield
Strong growth companies where the share prices could go through high levels of volatility
An investment portfolio that combines both value and growth companies
I would not invest in shares as it is too risky for me
13. Studies suggest that an individual's employment status and tolerance to risk are related. Are you:
A private sector employee
A public sector employee
14. If you were given an option of a new position that had a high pay rise but with less job security or another position that had a small pay rise but with greater job security, which would you choose?
Probably the position with a higher pay rise
Not sure
Probably the position with a greater job security
The information provided herein is solely for Maybank's use. The performance of your investment portfolio is not guaranteed by Maybank or its related companies. The value may increase or decrease based on the performance of the underlying asset classes. If you are in doubt, you are to seek professional independent advice.
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