1. I/We agree to apply for the above account. I / We acknowledge that for a Joint Account application, the condition of signature must be either of the account holders to sign.
2. I/We agree that I / We will be given a copy of your terms and conditions governing the operations of account at the time of collecting my / our cheque book/Phone Banking / Internet Banking PIN. I / We agree to read such terms and conditions. By accepting the cheque book Phone Banking / Internet Banking PIN, I / We shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by such terms and conditions and any amendments thereto.
3. I / We declare that the above information given is true and complete. I / We understand that the Bank reserves the right to reject the application at the Bank's discretion without stating any reasons whatsoever.
4. I / We agree to pay all stamp duty charges for requested cheque book.
5. I / We agree to examine and notify you in writing of any errors, irregularities of discrepancies in my/our electronic monthly statement of account.
Terms and Conditions
1. Electronic Monthly Statement will be made accessible for Maybank2u.Premier / Joint   Maybank2u.Premier. There will be no hardcopy statement issued for this account.
2. Your minimum initial deposit for opening Maybank2u.Premier / Joint Maybank2u.Premier is RM500-00. Please be informed that a minimal service charge of RM10-00 will be made half yearly on all current deposit accounts showing an average balance of less than RM1,000-00 during the half year.
3. The bank will notify your application status thru an SMS.
4. Upon pre-approval from the bank, please visit your selected Maybank branch after 3 working days. Kindly bring along supporting documents for our reference. The supporting document for Malaysian citizens is your Original Identity Card (IC). As for foreign workers, the supporting documents include your Passport or your Working Permit and Letter of Employment. For foreign students, an acknowledgement letter from your educational institution is required.
5. Please consult our officer at your home branch to collect your cheque book/Phone Banking/Internet Banking PIN 4 working days.
6. Your account will then be activated upon approval. For existing customers please note that, until activation, you may not have access to the newly opened account even if there is reference to the same on the ATM, Phone Banking and Maybank2u website.
7. Applications will be processed on the next working day under the following conditions :
  a. submission after 4 pm on weekdays
  b. submission after 12 noon on Saturdays
  c. submission on Sundays or public holidays
8. Please collect your cheque book/Phone Banking/Internet Banking PIN within one month from the date of application, otherwise your application will be cancelled.
9. These terms and conditions shall prevail over any provisions or representations contained in any promotional materials whatsoever advertising the above account.
10. The responsibilities and obligations pursuant to these terms and conditions may not be assigned to any other third party subject to the bank’s written consent.
11. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the Laws of Malaysia and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaysia.