A yearly renewable certificate that provides additional daily hospital cash benefit to ease your financial burden in the event of hospitalisation.
Why do I need it?

To ensure the additional expenses due to hospitalisation does not burden you and your family.

What do I get out of it?

You get cash benefit up to RM73,000 with contributions as low as 54 cents a day.

  • Enjoy a choice of coverage to suit your needs
  • Coverage includes:
    • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit, up to RM73,000.
    • Double Daily Hospital Cash Benefit, up to RM24,000 for selected critical illnesses and admission into Intensive Care Unit.
    • Additional Daily Hospital Cash Benefit, up to RM3,000 when hospital stay lasts longer than 4 continuous days.
    • Outpatient and Recovery Cash Benefit, up to RM900.
    • Compassionate Cash Benefit, up to RM1,000.
    • Coverage for any number of eligible children under the family plan.
    • Acceptance based on simple medical questionnaire.
  • Flexible payment options of monthly instalments or yearly contribution.
  • Easy and reliable contribution payments via auto-debit.
  • 15-day money-back guarantee.

Table of Coverage



Sum Covered (RM)

Silver Plan

Gold Plan


Daily Hospital Cash Benefit


Payable up to 365 days in the event of accident or illness

RM100 per day

RM36,500 max

RM200 per day 

RM73,000 max


Double Daily Hospital Cash Benefit


(i) Payable up to 60 days




(ii) Heart Attack, Cancer or Stroke

RM200 per day

RM12,000 max

RM400 per day

RM24,000 max


Intensive Care Unit 

RM200 per day

RM400 per day


Note: Covered person can be entitled for both Benefits B (i) and B(ii) at any one time at hospital confinement

RM12,000 max

RM24,000 max


Additional Daily Hospital Cash benefit


Payable up to 30 days if hospital confinement lasts for a continuous period of 5 days or more (per confinement). The benefit shall be payable from 5th day onwards (excluding the first 4 days)

RM50 per day

RM1,500 max

RM50 per day

RM1,500 max


Outpatient and Recovery Cash Benefit


Lump-sum payable for follow-up treatment as an outpatient (following hospital confinement)




Lump-sum recovery benefit payable if hospital confinement lasts for a continuous period of 5 days or more (per confinement)




Compassionate Cash Benefit


Lump-sum payment for death from any covered cause









Children Benefit (each child)


Unmarried children between 1 and 18 years of age

Covered at 50% of adult benefit (each child)


Unmarried children between 18 and 23 years of age who are not gainfully employed and still in full-time study at an institution of higher learning


Malaysian citizen or Permanent Resident aged between 18 - 60 years on the effective date of Takaful.

Full Table of Benefits

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