A comprehensive, shariah-compliant personal accident plan specially designed for women that covers against female-related illnesses and crime-related accidents and losses.Enquire Now
Why do I need it?

As a lady, you have specific needs and risks in your life that are often not covered by traditional insurance policies. Takaful PesonaLady gives you the assurance that your special needs are taken care of.

What do I get out of it?

You get up to RM200,000 accident coverage including coverage from female related illnesses and unfortunate incidents and contributions start from as low as RM24 a month.

  • Personal Accident coverage including medical reimbursements and hospital confinement allowance due to accidents and protection against female cancers
  • Coverage against crime-related accidents and losses such as snatch theft and ATM cash withdrawal losses, as well as from kidnap and abductions
  • Easy to enrol with no medical examination required
  • Affordable contributions from RM24 a month
  • Easy payment via simple auto debit enrolment
  • Policy renewal applicable up to age 70, subject to state of health.

Contribution Rates:

This is a yearly renewable policy. Enjoy the freedom to pay PesonaLady’s contribution on a monthly or yearly basis.

Age (Years) Monthly Contribution
Yearly Contribution
18 – 40 24.00 265.00 (savings of RM23)
41 – 60 43.00 485.00 (savings of RM31)

The contribution will be based on your age of the date the policy comes into effect.

  • Female Malaysian citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia
  • Aged between 18 – 60 years old
Full Table of Benefits

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This web page is neither a takaful contract nor forming part of it. The precise benefits, terms and conditions and other details are available in the Takaful Certificate.

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