A Will simply defined as a legal document that empowers you to exercise the right of determining who benefits from your assets after your lifetime.

    Benefits of Writing a Will

  • To ensure that your estate and assets are given to the persons you intend to benefit
  • To determine the amount of inheritance and when a beneficiary inherits from you
  • To make provisions for family members or friends with special needs or specific lifestyles
  • Ability to appoint an Executor of your choice
    (Your Executor can be an individual or corporation, authorised by you to deal with your assets and should be experienced, independent, trustworthy and impartial so as to ensure proper administration and distribution of your estate)
  • To appoint the Guardian of your minor children (below 18 years of age) or special child. The Guardian will be the primary caretaker of your children who's responsible for their well-being
  • To remunerate persons in conducting specific tasks stipulated in your Will, e.g. caring for your elderly parents or your children
  • To ensure that the distribution of your estate will be fast and efficient, as there are lesser formalities, thus avoiding possible erosion of the value of your estate

    What Happens in the Absence of a Will

  • The law and NOT you will decide who inherits your wealth, personal belongings, jewellery and other assets. The court will choose an administrator to distribute your wealth, personal belongings (including jewellery, furniture, art) and other assets according to the law of intestacy, regardless of any desires you may have expressed during your lifetime. 
  • The process for a court-appointed administrator is cumbersome and time consuming. It will inevitably delay the final distribution of your assets that may in the meantime cause financial distress to your family. 
  • The court-appointed guardian may not be the most suitable or appropriate person to care for your minor/special child.

    Will Custody

  • Keeping your Will in a safe place is important so that it is not damaged, tampered, or unable to be located when needed for probate application
  • Engaging us as custodian of your Will ensures that your Will is kept safe and confidential
More Info
  • Our professional and experienced personnel will advise and assist you in drawing up your Will, to ensure that your intentions are met and your legacy successfully distributed in the fastest and most effective manner.