Shariah compliant Home Financing with higher financing arrangements, longer tenures and a host of other benefits.
Why should I get this financing?

For those who require higher financing arrangements, Commodity Murabahah Home Financing-i provides for  financing eligible up to 70% of your gross income*, and a higher financing margin of up to 100% of the house value with Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT) and other related expenses; and up to 90% without MRTT and other related expenses.  

Plus longer financing tenures of up to 30 years or age 60, whichever is earlier, or up to 35 years or age 70 for professionals and graduates.

Commodity Murabahah Home Financing-i  is based on the principle of Murabahah (cost plus profit), the Bank provides home financing to customer via trading of identified Shariah-compliant commodities such as Crude Palm Oil and RBD Palm Olein.

Anything else I need to know?

You have a choice of affordable fixed, tiered or variable profit rate, no compounding of profit and other charges and no early settlement charge / lock-in period penalty.

There is protection of ceiling rate upon the fluctuation of Islamic Base Rate (IBR) throughout tenure, a 20% reduction on stamp duty for new financing & waiver of conversion from Conventional facility and granting of rebate for early settlement.

And hassle free for third party financing, plus minimal documentation compared to other home financing plans

So how do I apply?

First are you an individual, joint applicant, resident or non-resident?
Is the minimum property value RM75,000 and the minimum financing amount RM10,000?

Ok? Then we can move on to the documents we'll need with your application:
You will need Identity Documents
• For Residents – NRIC/Identity Card
• For Non-residents – Latest valid passport & visa/working permit/employment pass
• For Self-employed Applicants – Please also include the business registration form/ Form 24 & 29.

You will also need Property Documents
• Copy of Sales & Purchase/Booking Receipt or Letter of Offer from Developer
• Copy of Individual Title Deed
• Property Valuation Report (for completed properties)

And you will need Income Evidence
For salary earners/gainfully employed
• Latest 3 consecutive months salary slips/vouchers
• Latest 6 consecutive months of commission statement
• Latest EPF statement
• Latest EA form
• Latest 6 months bank statement
• Letter of confirmation of employment and remuneration.

For self employed (including Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership, Commission earners)
• Latest certified/audited financial statements
• Latest statement of commission Issued by company
• Latest EPF statements
• Latest B/BE Form/e-Filing
• Latest 6 months bank statements.

That's it! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to apply now.

What about the small print?

We recommend you go through the small print in detail before you purchase your home financing.

Everything you need to know is here, just click to download these PDF documents.

Product Disclosure Sheet