A Shariah-compliant savings account based on Qard (loan) for teenagers
Why should I get this account?

Savings for teenagers account based on the Shariah contract of Qard refers to a contract of lending money by a lender to a borrower where the borrower is bound to repay an equivalent amount to the lender. Ownership of the money belonging to the lender is transferred to the borrower and the borrower is obliged to repay the lender in full.

Customer as lender lend his money to Maybank Islamic as borrower.

The account comes with a daily spending limit of RM500 on selected withdrawals via over-the-counter, Maybank2u.com, ATM, EFTPOS, MEPS and Regional Switch, plus eligible for protection by PIDM (Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia).

Anything else I need to know?
  • Passbookless: check and maintain your account via Maybank2u.com or any Maybank ATM.
  • Convenient ATM access at over 5,800 MEPS ATMs nationwide and PLUS networks worldwide.
  • Online access to your account via Maybank2u.com with prepaid reloads, free downloads and much more.
So how do I apply?

First are you a teenager aged from 12 to below 18 years? (An Indemnity letter signed by parents/guardian is required to open an imteen Account). 

Ok? Then next steps:

Visit your nearest Maybank/Maybank Islamic branch, bring along your original Identity Card (IC) or Birth Certificate of teenage applicant and Parent’s /Guardian’s IC and other supporting documents to verify parentage and guarandianship.

Note: An Indemnity Letter is a compulsory document to be signed by the parents or guardian as a condition to open a new imteen-i account as well as to access Internet banking facilities via Maybank2u.com and Maybankard Bankcard (ATM card). Just visit your nearest Maybank/Maybank Islamic branch and bring along your original documents and parents or guardian for verification purposes.

And that's it!

What about the small print?

We recommend you go through the small print in detail before you apply for this account.