A Shariah-compliant short-term investment account providing potential higher returns under profit sharing mechanism in foreign currency, plus much more.
Why should I get this account?

Based on the Shariah-compliant investment concept of Mudharabah (profit sharing). The bank (on your behalf) will make wise choices in selecting Shariah's high yielding, compliant investment avenues to invest your funds.

And you will enjoy better profits shared with the Bank (based on the pre-agreed profit sharing ratio).

Available in more than 10 major currencies, you enjoy less costly transactions on fund transfers and save a significant amount of money lost through the exchange conversion.

Greater convenience through remittance facilities available at local and 700 branches worldwide.

Anything else I need to know?

Enjoy better dividends* which calculated daily and paid on maturity.

So how do I apply?

First are you 18 years or above?

A Malaysian Resident, Non-resident (individual accounts) / Business Banking Customers  (non-individual accounts)?

Please note the minimum deposit of USD5,000 or equivalent (for individuals). Minimum deposit of USD$20,000 or equivalent for non-individual accounts).

Ok? Then next steps:

Visit your nearest Maybank/Maybank Islamic branch, bring along your original Identity Card (IC), Police or Armed Forces ID Card, Birth Certificate and MyKid for Malaysians, and Passport for non-residents or foreigners, as your primary document.

You may also need to bring secondary supporting documents such as:
A valid passport (if IC is produced as a Primary document), a valid driving license, utility bills (e.g. water/electricity/telephone bills, Quit Rent, Assessment Notice in the name and address of the customer opening the account, a Letter of employment or your Credit card.

And that's it!

What about the small print?

We recommend you go through the small print in detail before you apply for this account.