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Islamic Broking is an alternative share financing package based on the principle of Commodity Murabahah. It is an ethical investing facility that allows clients to purchase and sell shares in approved Shariah counters listed on Bursa Malaysia, either by using your own funds or via a Shariah Margin Financing Scheme.

Maybank's Islamic Broking, also known as H.O.T. Broking, is based on these three values:

Honest views on Shariah-compliant stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia and other international bourses.

Opens channels for all via Maybank2u, our Share Investment Centres (SICs) and selected Maybank branches.

Transparent information, from purchase of stocks to trade settlement, and removes any elements of uncertainty in compliance with Shariah principles.

What You Gain
  • Lower rate on stamp duty
  • Selling price rate capped at a ceiling rate to eliminate fluctuations over the selling price rate
  • No commitment fee on unutilised amount
  • Convenient modes of payment: Maybank Investment Bank or
Share Margin Financing

Here are our approved Shariah offerings for funding options.

Types of Collateral*Margin facilityTrading facilityTotal trading facility
Approved Shariah Shares 1.5x 1.0x 2.5x
GIA / FD 2.5x 1.0x 3.5x
Cash 1.5x 1.0x 2.5x


*Subject to Bank's capping and any other collateral / security acceptable from time to time.

  • Financing Limit: RM50,000 – RM20 million
  • Margin of Advance: Up to 60%
  • Financing Period: 1 – 5 years

If you choose to invest with your own funds, the delivery and settlement for transactions is 3 trading days after the transaction date (T+3 = transaction date plus 3 trading days).

Types of Collateral*Trading Facility
Approved Shariah Shares 2.5x
Cash 3.0x


*Subject to Bank's capping and any other collateral / security acceptable from time to time.

Cash Account
  • Purchase of shares is subject to the amount of cash available in the account at the time of purchase.
Transaction Charges


Contract ValueOff Line OrderOnline Order
Up to RM100,000 0.60% 0.42%
Above to RM100,000 0.30% 0.21%


Regulatory Charges

  1. Clearing Fee:
    0.03% of transaction value (payable by both buyer and seller) with a maximum of RM1000 per contract.
    No minimum fee imposed.
  2. Stamp Duty:
    RM1.00 for RM1,000 or fractional part of value of securities (payable by both buyer and seller) with maximum charges of RM200.
Opening of Trading Account

Primary documents:

  • Standard Trading Application form
  • Two photocopies of NRIC / passport

Supporting documents:

  • A copy of the latest annual income statement or latest 3 months salary slip
  • Latest 3 months bank statements
  • A valid passport (if IC is produced as Primary document)
  • A valid driving license
  • Utility bills
  • Quit Rent
  • Assessment Notice
  • Letter of employment

Do note the account opening fee:

  • Shares in Bursa Malaysia: RM10 (Conventional/Islamic) Central Depository System (CDS) account
  • Share Trading account: Free
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